Drugstore Buy of the Week - Caress Fine Fragrance Body Wash with 12 HR Fragrance Release

Caress has just changed the body wash game (in an admittedly very crowded product category that just keeps growing).

Their latest Caress Fine Fragrance Body WashesAdore Forever, and Love Forever, are made with new technology which releases their fragrances upon touching the skin for up to 12 hours. They are the world's first body wash with what they call, "Fragrance Release Pearls."

Both versions have a thick and silky texture, and they are floral based scents. Adore Forever was the one I kept reaching for because it's also layered with beautiful spicy and slightly warm, musky notes which lingered beautifully after rinsing it off.

While using the body wash in the shower, it left my skin soft and hydrated, with no residue or film when I rinsed.  

About an hour after my morning shower, I was adjusting my bracelets touching my wrist, when, it a quick flash, the Adore Forever scent came softly wafting up to my nose.  Not a big gust or cloud of scent, but a very nice, direct stream of the fragrance.  

By the evening, touching my skin continued to release more subtle streams of the fragrance.  As a matter of fact, the effects lasted for me until the very next morning.  

I think this also makes a great fragrance product for those who are busy in the AM and don't have time to add a perfume, and for those really hot, summer days when you don't feel like layering additional products that may smell to heavy in the heat.

Give these a try to mix up your morning shower or after gym routine.  I think it would also be fun for Caress to launch a summer fragrance version in a few months too! - RLB

*These products were provided courtesy of Caress PR for reviewing purposes.

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