Drugstore Buy of the Week - Gillette Venus Swirl + Gillette Venus Violet Swirl with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel

Luckily for all us women who shave, Gillette never stops their research and development of better razors and shaving systems.

Gillette Venus Swirl Women's Razor with Flexiball Technology  is a dream razor.  For those of you who usually use cheaper throw away razors, this will be a whole new shaving experience.

Let's start first with the design.  It has a pretty, violet handle and soft to the touch material which made it very easy to grip and shave with.  No matter the angle, I was able to easily turn and move the razor.  If you shave your legs and/or bikini area in particular, this feature will come in very handy!

Now, for those of you who are constantly battling razor cuts, this razor practically eliminates them.  That's because of their new 5 razor blades and  Flexiball Technology, which allows the blades to contour over any rough or uneven spots on the body.  All this, plus a water-activated MoistureGlide Serum surround the blades and provide a smooth glide over any areas.The blades themselves have a thinner, finer edge, which means it more easily adjusts to all the curves and contours of a woman’s body. 

But what really impressed me with the Gillette Venus Swirl Women's Razor was I got out of the shower without any cuts - or irritation/razor bumps. And I was able to shave all the hair much more efficiently.  For most areas, like my underarms, I was able to shave the hair in just a swipe or two of the razor.

The best companion to the Gillette Swirl Razor is the Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel, Violet Swirl.  It's so rich, creamy, silky and concentrated (and yes,violet).I only needed the smallest amount (I only pressed the nozzle very lightly to get about a dime sized amount out). The shave gel was hydrating and soft barrier perfect for shaving legs, the bikini area and under arms.

After rinsing, my skin was soft, smooth, nick free and best of all - not dry or irritated.  I also found I could go an extra few days before shaving again, because of how close of a shave the razor's blades gave me.

Gillette Venus Swirl  and Shave Gel are now MUST HAVES in my shaving kit. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Gillette Venus PR for reviewing purposes.

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