Fragrance Find - Eau de Gaga

Lady Gaga's first unisex fragrance does something that's not easy to do in perfumery (let alone in celebrity fragrances) - and that is, melding sharp, traditionally masculine notes with touches of flower and woods that make for an EXCELLENT fragrance. (Being a lover of Lady Gaga, or her debut fragrance, Fame, is not necessary to fall for this one at all!) 

Not sweet or floral, My first spray released tangy, zesty, crisp and sharp notes.There's LOTS of lime, combined with some musk top notes. It was very similar to the scent of men's aftershave (which I have always liked). While the opening certainly held my attention, it softened within a few minutes. What I discovered, however, is that when it warmed up a few hours later, it became even better. 

There were soft, subtle touches of leather, along with white violet and more soft musk that made it soft and sensual. It's a eau de parfum strength, but with more more staying power than usually found in that fragrance category. After a few spritzes in the morning, I got a full day's worth of the fragrance with no reapplication. What is remarkable about Eau de Gaga is how well balanced it is. Even as it warmed up on me later in the day, I could still get small bursts of sharp citrus, as well as woody and fresh notes. 

This, to me, is what a perfect unisex scent is all about.. Eau de Gaga is a scent that's unique in the celebrity fragrance category for sure, as well as a very well done unisex scent (at any price point). I could see men bringing out the more spicy or sharp notes in this scent, (depending on their body chemistry). For me personally, while I enjoy this in the current winter season, this will really be one I reach for in warmer weather and summer time (because of that fresh lime note!). 

Even though the bottle design and color are not groundbreaking, I do think it's sophisticated and can easily join more expensive perfumes you may have on your vanity, quite nicely. This well done scent is very price friendly, so if you get a bottle for you and your loved one to share for Valentine's Day, you really will have a fragrance you can both love. - RLB 

Go-->Available at most discount mass retailers such as Kohl’s, Walgreens, Sears, and Target. 

Fragrance Notes: White Violet, Sparkling Lime, Instinct Leather

This product was provided courtesy of Eau de Gaga PR for reviewing purposes.

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