Fragrance Find - Elizabeth and James Nirvana Solid Perfume

If you haven't caught on to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's 
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White  and  Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black 
fragrance's the time to start!

I've been raving about these scents since their debut last year, and now the Olsen "power twins" are back with another smart and chic interpretation of their Nirvana White  and Nirvana Black  scents with  the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Solid Perfume Compact  (shown, above) and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Solid Perfume Compact 0.14 oz Solid Perfume.

As you can see from the chic and very travel- friendly packaging, this solid perfume version will be perfect for those of you who already love either or these fragrances, and would love an portable way to use them during the day or night.

The compact also comes with a little pouch featuring a flap cover.

If you haven't tried these scents, read my previous review here.  The Nirvana White is my personal favorite (but I love them both!) It's the perfect feminine balance of slightly sweet, floral and crisp, citrus-like notes.  It's fresh, clean and yet still sexy.  

This scent is perfect for day or night, and get a little more warm and spicy with the dry down at the end of the day.

Don't wait to pick one (or both) of these up very soon for yourself or the fragrance lover in your life. - RLB

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Melonie said...

I love this scent!!!