Budget Beauty Buy - ChapStick Hydration Lock Day + Night

Do you think there's nothing really new in lip care?

ChapStick Hydration Lock Day + Night will definitively change your mind about that.

After a very cold and dry winter this year, you may be suffering from chronically dry, flaky and chapped lips.  ChapStick has been around forever and has one of the most famous and recognizable names in lip care, but with this formula they have officially grown up.

The clever features of this new lip treatment area a double ended stick with a moisturizing and protecting formula for day (along with SPF 12), which is the yellow cap and an even more hydrating formula for night time (the blue cap).

I loved how both of these formulas felt on my lips, smooth, creamy and instantly hydrating, with no greasiness or thick, cakey feeling.  I found myself reaching for this daily because of how convenient is was to have 1 product for both times of day.  After using daily, my lips have never been softer or smoother.  

The night time treatment in particular is so cushiony-soft and creamy, and kept my lips soft and moisturized all night, so when I woke up, they were noticeably smoother and softer. Neither formula felt or looked waxy and they both sank into my lips quickly.  They both have a very faint smell (each one a little different, and the night time has a chamomile-scent) which I also liked a lot.

The daytime formula worked very well under all my lip products, like lipstick, lipstain and tinted products, and I loved knowing I had an extra layer of sun protection.  Used alone, the finish of both sides is semi-matte, giving a nice natural shine. 

This will become an instant lip care go-to - and even better it won't break the bank! - RLB

Purchase Here: ChapStick Hydration Lock Day+ Night, .15 oz

Disclosure: “The ChapStick® product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

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