Fragrance Find - Miss Dior Parfum Hair Mist

There are three things I look for in hair fragrance: 1. A beautiful and light interpretation of my favorite scent (if it's a flanker). 2. No dry, sticky or gummy feeling to the hair. 3. Long lasting fragrance - but one that does not overwhelm me during the day.

Christian Dior Miss Dior Parfum Hair Mist has all of these features, making it one of my favorite hair fragrances.  If you (or a fragrance fan in your life) are a fan of the Christian Dior Miss Dior scent already, this is a guaranteed winner.  The mist uses a slightly lighter version of the scent (which still includes main notes of bergamot, rose, jasmine, patchouli, and musk). but gives it a new form. 

Because this is designed for the hair, they've created a version of the scent in which the initial burst of bergamot is slightly toned down - but still refreshing and invigorating. Then I noticed that it was very quickly softened even more by the floral notes. 

It has the perfect amount of staying power and trail of fragrance that lasted on my for at least 4+ hours at a time (If I spritzed early in the morning I didn't need to reapply until the late afternoon.  My hair didn't feel dry - or gummy, and it didn't weight it down or interfere with other hair products I used.

This will be heaven come summer time when I just want a very lightweight scent that can withstand the heat and humidity. And yes, pairing this with the original Christian Dior Miss Dior Fragrance is a really lovely scent experience too. When layered together early in the day, I got the full Miss Dior experience late in the evening! - RLB

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, rose, musk and Indonesian patchouli

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