Budget Beauty Find - Balm Chicky Balm Balm

So what do you do if you and your business partner come up with an idea for a new lip balm concept  - but don't get the support  (and $ investment) of the "Sharks" when you go on the national television show, "Shark Tank"?

You go ahead and make them anyway of course!

And it's a good thing 
Liz Moskow and Abby Schwalb did. Balm Chicky Balm Balm - Sweet Baby Ginger Lip Balm are a lip product gem!  They're made of natural ingredients, feature unique, but subtle flavors, and best of all - come with a second end just for a friend to use!

What I loved about  Balm Chicky Balm Balm is that they are HUGE (about 3x more balm than the average lip balm).  The two-sided openings are clearly marked (the smaller one shown on the left in the photo below, is for the second person, which the founders call "The Friend End").  It's easy for you and a child/boyfriend/friend to use as well.  Now you don't have to worry about getting germs all over your balm, or having someone else's lip color bleed over the top of the balm.

I found the formula was smooth and hydrating without feeling heavy or sticky. It worked well on it's own or under my lip products.  Sweet Baby Ginger Lip Balm was my favorite flavor.  You don't usually find ginger in lip balm products, and I really enjoy it, so it was always a treat.  But, as I mentioned earlier, the flavors were still subtle enough that they didn't linger very long or become overbearingly sweet, etc.

And for those of you who want natural beauty products, these are also an excellent choice.  Balm Chicky Balm Balm are made with organic extra virgin olive oil, organic palm oil and organic hemp seed oil, beeswax, rosemary extract and vitamin E.

Two other fun flavors I really liked are Wild Mountain Honey and Clementine Lip Balmand Huge Cucumber and Mint, which also had very natural, subtle yet unique takes on these flavors. Click here to see their other flavors!

Pick up a few of these for your daily bag/the office, to share with family and of course to treat a friend or two! - RLB

Purchase Here: Balm Chicky Balm Balm - Sweet Baby Ginger Lip Balm  
Purchase Here: Wild Mountain Honey and Clementine Lip Balm

Also now available at Target stores nationwide.

*These products were provided courtesy of Balm Chicky PR for reviewing purposes.

Fragrance Find - Jo Malone Peony + Blush Suede Cologne

With Spring in full bloom, I was recently searching for a scent that was different from the ones in my collection. I couldn't fully articulate it in words - but when I came across Jo Malone Peony + Blush Suede Cologne. I knew I had found it.  (Plus there's something about the words "Blush Suede" that drew me in).

This scent was love at first whiff and first spray on my skin.  It's a floral, yet very light, with a touch of sweetness (the crisp red apple note) that kept it very simple, clear and fresh on me. Peony is actually my favorite flower, and I think this cologne does a great job at capturing the essence of this gorgeous scent. People from all walks of life, including my little "sporty spice" and hubby said that this smelled really good too - a definite plus.

It has a very feminine feel, and the notes stayed in harmony throughout the day.  Another great surprise was that even though this is a Cologne formulation, it had very strong silage and lasting power on me. The dry down was still fresh and light, with a bit more warmth and a slightly sweeter feel.

This is the perfect Spring scent for the fragrance lover in your life, especially for Mother's Day.  I've tried a lot of the Jo Malone Colognes over the years, but I have to admit, this was the first one that really grabbed me and never let me go. 

I'm also looking forward to adding to it with the Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Body & Hand Wash and even the Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle very soon! - RLB

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Red apple 
Middle notes: Peony, Jasmine, Carnation and Rose 
Base note: Suede

Beauty Find - Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

There are many eye creams that moisturize, improve skin tone, smell/feel good and even improve the appearance of dark circles.

But the truth is there are very few that can really deliver on all of the above - no matter what the price point.

But one of my favorite skin care lines has done an excellent job of creating Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate - which does effectively address all of the major eye care concerns.

The Concentrate is very creamy with a bit of weight to it when it comes out of the tube, but silky and lightweight on the skin.  Since Concentrate is in the name, I was not surprised by how little I needed daily for both eyes.  It is very concentrated, and I usually used no more than a small pea-sized amount.

The Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate felt amazing not only under my eyes, but all around my eye area.  The hydration was immediate as it absorbed into my skin. It didn't leave any oily or slick residue under my eyes and I was able to wear concealer with no problems.  I loved using this overnight, as my eye area looked soft and supple in the mornings, and I also had much less puffiness overall when I woke up. After using for 3+ weeks, my overall eye area looked slightly brighter, and much more toned.  

As with all the Clarins products I love, the smell is light, fresh floral and the whole combination of feel/scent as I massaged it in every day was something I always looked forward to.

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate also has a light lifting action, so for those of you who are experiencing some minor dropping eye skin/fine lines, I think you'll be very happy with the results as well.

This would also be ideal to apply before a very long flight (longer than 8+ hours) where you'll be getting a large chunk of sleep.  You will arrive to your destination with plump, hydrated under eye skin and look very rested. - RLB

Purchase Here: Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

I'm continuing my exploration of Korean skincare and cosmetics, and have another amazing product to share with you.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX is a overnight mask, (one of the biggest new skincare product categories this year).  I loved this one because of the texture, and well as the overall experience.

The mask is gel-textured and very lightweight.  The scent is heavenly, and is actually made with a technology they call Sleepscent, a blend of essences designed to relax and the mind (and yes the scent was relaxing to me). It's a bit of a "fresh/floral" blend.

This Water Sleeping Pack  not only immediately hydrated my skin, but locked in that moisture throughout the night.  It did sit on my skin with a moist feel for about two minutes (don't go straight to bed after applying it!), but then it completed absorbed. The gel is very concentrated, so I only needed a dime-sized amount for my entire face, with a little left over to apply to my neck as well.

In the morning, my skin was noticeably smoother, plumper and softer.  I had a fantastic glow, without feeling like I had any sort of coating or residue on my skin.  Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX is packed with ingredients like Ceramide as well as Snow Water.  After doing this overnight treatment, I didn't need very much additional moisture after cleansing at all.  After doing this treatment 2x week for about a month, my skin looked better on a daily basis, all my makeup and other skincare went on easily (and I didn't use nearly as much foundation). I also had some improvement with small hyperpigmentation areas.

If you're looking for an easy way to give your skin a boost, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX is the product for you. - RLB

Purchase Here: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX 80ml.  Also available at most Target stores nationwide.

Celebrity Fragrance Find - JLuxe by Jennifer Lopez

Well this one is for the "grown and sexy people!" :)

Jennifer Lopez has just launched her latest fragrance, called JLuxe by Jennifer Lopez. This fruity-floriental was inspired by Jennifer's love of fashion and it's a sexy, confident and feminine fragrance expression.

Want to win a bottle of JLuxe by Jennifer Lopez?  Click here to enter our reader giveaway!

From the bottle shape and animal print details, along with the black and gold, this scent is a chic departure from many of Jennifer's other scents.

JLuxe is a great scent for those of you who love orientals in general, and want a fragrance with a nice bit of silage and staying power, all without breaking the bank.

The scent opened with a blend of citrus and sweet notes - bergamot, raspberry and pineapple.  On my skin the pineapple was very prominent, but not overly sweet.  Within a few minutes the middle notes of rose and violet began to come through.  There are also several other floral notes in the heart - damask rose and ylang-ylang as well.

The dry down is not complex, but it is very warm and sensual with nice layers of amber and musk.  There's also a nice cedar wood note that kept it from becoming too warm or sweet on me.

While this is not a "quiet" or subtle scent - it's sexy and sophisticated without being too bold or overwhelming.  This works for nighttime without question, and with a lighter touch, at work or out and about during the day.

The staying power was 6+ hours on me after spraying in the morning, and yes - I got several compliments while wearing it too.

If you don't mind continuing down "celebrity scent lane" e.g. buying celebrity fragrances, need a new perfume gift for a scent lover in your life - or just love Jennifer, JLuxe is a gorgeous and reasonably priced fragrance to pick up.  - RLB

Go--> JLuxe by Jennifer Lopez

Pineapple, bergamot, raspberry, watery notes, violet, damask rose, orris, ylang ylang, cedarwood, amber, gourmand and musk.

*This product was provided by the JLuxe PR team for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion

After the harsh 2015 winter I experienced here in the North East, my skin took a real beating - while I hydrated daily, my skin still looked a little lackluster, and I often had recurring dry patches on my back, neck, lower legs.  But about a month ago, I was able to test Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion and got some real relief - and results.

For dry and very dry skin, Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion provides intense, yet still lightweight and non-sticky hydration.  This was perfect for dry elbows and knees, feet/heels and even hands.  It penetrated my skin instantly and the finish was fairly matte given how thick and creamy the texture of the lotion was.

There's no fragrance, so it's perfect for those of you with more sensitive dry skin or mild eczema.  I loved how my skin looked the longer I used it, because it also has an exfoliation effect from key ingredients like lactic and fruit acids like lemon, grapefruit and pineapple juice, this allows the moisturizing ingredients to more fully penetrate.  It made my skin visibly softer over time and all but removed my dry patches completely.  It also contains Glycerin, petrolatum, mineral oil, and olive oil (moisturize);

If you have a family of dry skin sufferers or you're still dealing with cold, dry temps, I recommend getting a few Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotions of these and having them in convenient locations around the house for everyone to add to their hands, etc. whenever they need it. 

You can get a great value with the 20 fl oz size at under $9.00.  It's a effective, work-horse skincare product that's not super fancy but will make your skin feel that way! - RLB

Purchase Here: Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion, 20 fl oz

Beauty Find - Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30  is one of those products that I like to say is "something you didn't quite realize you needed" - but now that you've tried it, you can't imagine your life without it!

Murad Invisiblur is a primer and "blurring" skin perfecting product that also has the bonus of SPF 30.  It has a perfect, lightweight, silky gel-like consistency and glided on my skin beautifully. It absorbed into my skin immediately with no sticky, gummy or tacky sensation. It is scented, with a very lightweight fresh floral fragrance, which evaporated quickly.

If you have very good skin tone/don't wear makeup or just want a natural look, all you would need is Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, some concealer, eye makeup, lip color and you're good to go!  While it doesn't completely blur skin imperfections like hyper-pigmentation, it does provide a great smoothing effect, particularly for filling in pores.

I usually used it as a traditional primer, before my Foundation or BB Cream.  I found that it was an ideal primer because it gave my non-greasy hydration, and gave me a soft, smooth canvas to work with.  There was ever any white or grey tint on my skin from the broad spectrum sunscreen, and it helped keep my makeup looking fresh all day.  I also tried it on a few very hot/sunny days and it held up very well, not dripping/melting or flaking as the day went on.  

This is ideal for those of you who wear primer, as well as those who need the easiest way to wear sunscreen daily.  The Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield will work best for those with oily, combination and normal skin since it's not a super hydrating product.The finish is completely matte, which is another plus for those of us with more oily/combination skin as it gets warmer.

Make sure you have this little treasure in your makeup bag soon! - RLB

Purchase Here: Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Murad PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Tool Find - STILA Shape & Shade Custom Contour Brush

With contouring and highlighting being all the range for sleek, fresh and glowing skin, it's often a big headache trying to find the best tools for the job.

I recently came across the Stila Shape +Shade Custom Contour Brush and not only is it 2 brushes-in-1 (perfect for travel and your bag), but it's also one of the easiest tools I've come across to apply contouring, highlighting and bronzing powders or cream products.

The larger and flat-shaped end and is for contouring or bronzing, and it's very soft and thick. The bristles are short and densely packed, and I found they distributed product very evenly on my skin.  I had great control with this end of the brush and it made it very easy to apply the product in the exact location I needed to.  

The smaller end is for the highlighting, and with it's angled and short bristles, again it made it very easy to apply product along my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and even on my brow bone and cupid's bow.

The brush gave me streak free application and was very well made with no fall out of shedding of brush hair.  It also held up very well after regular cleanings.

Stila Shape +Shade Custom Contour Brush is a great tool to invest in for your everyday makeup or if you're a professional for your kit. - RLB

Purchase Here: Stila Shape + Shade Custom Contour Brush

P.S. Here's another great dual makeup brush for contouring and highlighting!

Reader Giveaway! - JLuxe by Jennifer Lopez Fragrance

This giveaway is now over.  Congratulations to our winner C. Brown!

We're letting our readers have a sneak peek at Jennifer Lopez's latest scent! 

So we'll be giving away 1 bottle of JLuxe by JLo EDP to a lucky Palacinka Beauty Blog reader.

JLuxe by JLo, is the new fragrance from Jennifer Lopez that’s inspired by her fiercely fashionable presence. A floriental fruity fragrance that leaves a lasting impression, JLuxe by JLo opens with a luscious medley of Juicy Pineapple and Sweet Raspberry. The luxurious heart of the fragrance blooms with a floral bouquet of Soft Violet and Damascenian Rose, as sensual layers of Warm Amber, Cedarwood and Musk compose the sensorial dry down on the skin.
JLuxe by JLo will also be available at a Kohl’s near you this week! *We'll also have a Celebrity Fragrance Find feature for this scent coming this week, so make sure you don't miss it!

To win a JLuxe by JLo Perfume, all you have to do is the following:

1. Send an e-mail to: palacinkabeauty@gmail.com with "JLuxe" in the subject line.
2. Include your name, address, phone and e-mail information.

Deadline for entries is Friday, April 24 at 12pm Midnight EST.

Good Luck! - RLB

Drugstore Buy of the Week - eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, Lemon Drop SPF15

eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, Lemon Drop not only looks like a little ball of sunshine, but the yummy, lemon flavor is sure to keep a smile on your face all day when you use it.

I've raved about many of the other eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere's over the years, but this one is definitely 1 of my top 3 that I love to always have on hand.  

What I love about it is the lemon is not strong or over the top, nor is it a very plastic- artificial smelling lemon scent (there is a very slight "sunscreen" scent present, but it's barely noticeable).  The taste to me is like a lightly sweetened fresh lemonade!
This Lip Balm Sphere also has SPF 15, making it a fun little beauty item to put in your beach bag or travel bag to protect lips while spending days in the sun.

As always, the eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, has a smooth, creamy texture and moisturized my lips perfectly with a natural shine finish. It's lightweight and doesn't feel greasy or oily. I most often wore this alone, but it did also work for me under my lip color or lip tint products.

Take my word for it, you'll be very happy if you pick up a few of these for the upcoming summer season! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of eos PR for reviewing purposes.

Body Care Find - TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid

If I told you that you could undo the damage from this very harsh, cold and dry winter season with two plastic bags and a liquid you add to your feet, would you believe me?

I might not have believed it myself, but after having such great experiences with Korean makeup and skincare from TONYMOLY over the last year, I gave in and tried the intense foot exfoliating treatment from Korea that many beauty lovers have been raving about.

TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid has packaging that lets you know right away that we're going straight to the feet! :)   The l and r foot shaped flat packets hold big plastic bags in the shape of clear socks.  Note: Before embarking on this treatment, I urge you to read the instructions CAREFULLY so you understand each step of process, and how long to use the product.

After putting my feet in each "sock" I opened up the smaller packets of foot peeling solution. There's one you add the the left and one for the right.  The liquid doesn't have a very strong smell, but there is a slight chemical scent to it. Tip: If you don't want the liquid to be cold, run the packets under hot water, or add them to a cup of hot water for a few minutes, and then add to each sock.  

After adding the liquid to the socks, my feet felt like they were completely soaked. To make sure no liquid spilled, I closed the attached white adhesive tape on the top of each sock. The liquid warmed up slightly but was not too hot while my feet were in the socks.

Then, with my feet, "swimming" in liquid, I sat back and relaxed for about an hour and a half (if you've got a Netflix House of Cards or Mad Men mini-marathon urge for example, it's the perfect time to do the TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid treatment!)

The Peeling Liquid for the most part absorbed into my feet and heels by the time an hour and a half was up.  I then took the socks off and washed my feet by jumping in the shower. Now, I should also mention that this treatment does not take off all the old, dry and hard skin on your feet/heels immediately. After drying off my feet, I added their Shiny Foot Foot cream for additional moisture, also as directed.  What is very unique about this product is that the real results are actually seen several days later.  

Get Smoother, Softer Feet Now: [NEW] TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid
While I did have some layers of old skin that came off right away when I rinsed, it is true that by day three they were in fact, really peeling.  The skin that was revealed was soft, smooth and non-irritated.  I would say that individual results will vary, but by the 5th day at the latest after the treatment, you should notice peeling and new skin underneath (some of the pieces may be rather large, so don't be alarmed though!).  Rough patches, small callus areas will all begin to just come off feet effortlessly.   The peeling was also very painless and non-irritating or drying to my feet.  

I would say this is the perfect time (early Spring) to do the treatment to get ready for open toe shoe and sandal weather.  If you want to use this before a vacation to a warm weather destination, I would recommend using TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid at least 2 weeks in advance (so you're not walking around in flip flops with peeling skin in public).

This is a foot treatment that I'll be doing several times a year now! - RLB

Get Smoother, Softer Feet Now: [NEW] TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid

Beauty Find - Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

When a skincare product takes only a few minutes of my time AND produces great results right out of the gate - I call that a "game changer".  My latest game-changing skincare product is from Radical Skincare.

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask is the perfect skincare treatment to improve dry, dull or dehydrated skin and improve the look of fine lines.

I applied the mask as directed, to my cleansed and dry skin.  The Instant Revitalizing Mask is white and has a medium weight, lotion texture and feel.  After giving the bottle about a minute of pumping to activate the flow of the product (Remember, be patient!  you only have to do it the first time you use it).  Then I added about two dime-sized worth amounts to my skin and spread it over my face.  This mask is very concentrated, so you most likely will not need to apply more than this.

I left the mask on also as directed, for about 5 minutes. The Instant Revitalizing Mask activated on my skin to form fine bubbles (which made little "popping" sounds for a few seconds).  The sensation felt nice - not too strong or irritating.  When the mask was dry it dissolved to an invisible film.

After rinsing, I loved the results.  My skin was soft and hydrated, and it felt plump, rosy and looked so fresh!  I didn't experience any irritation or sensitivity, and it didn't make my oily T-zone area more oily.

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask  only needs to be used 2x week.  I'll keep this in my permanent skincare rotation when I need a quick skincare treat - especially on those early mornings! - RLB

Go-->Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask 1 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Radical Skincare PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream

If you love French beauty products, you've no doubt heard of Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream, which is often called the French version of the  "little black dress" for your skin.

And yet, with all of the skincare I've had the great opportunity to try over the years, and all my beauty shopping while traveling in Europe, I had never used Embryolisse  .  That is, until a few weeks ago when I picked it up stateside (Urban Outfitter stores carry it).

Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream  is said to be the perfect skin product because it provides hydration, keeps skin soft, and can gently and thoroughly remove makeup.

Right away, I could tell I would quickly fall in love with this Cream . The texture of the cream is thick, but with a slight oil-like feel.  However, once on my skin, it felt lightweight and non-greasy. It became airy and felt like it was a whipped texture as I massaged into my skin.

For removing makeup in the evening, about a quarter-sized amount was all I needed.  My skin was clean within seconds as the cream broke down all the makeup (even long wear mascara).  After cleansing, my skin was extremely soft and moisturized at the same time. The finish of my skin was glowy and slightly shiny (Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream will work better for dry and normal - dry/combination skin).  My skin only needed a light serum and a touch of eye cream and nothing else before going to bed.

In the morning, I used it after cleansing as a moisturizer, primarily on my drier areas like my cheeks.  I used a smaller amount (closer to a dime-sized coin), and again, I loved how it sank into my skin and gave me ultra hydration without any sticky or heavy feel.  But it still served well to use under foundation/BB cream, because it didn't cause any of my products to slip/rub or flake off.

If you're a budding makeup artist, this is one of the products that almost all have in their kits, and now I see it's for good reason.  If you need to remove your makeup mid-way through the day, for example, by using this product, you can easily start again with smooth, hydrated and prepped skin with no water (this can be tissued or rinsed off). - RLB

Go-->Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream 75 ml

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dove go fresh Revitalize Body Wash, Mandarin & Tiare Flower

I've been singing the praises of the Dove Go Fresh line of body washes for a while now, and just in time for Spring, they are giving us another scent treat with their newest, Dove go fresh Revitalize Body Wash, Mandarin & Tiare Flower.

This creamy, silky rich body wash is actually a peach/orange color (nice!) and smells like a fresh orange grove.  What I love is, like with many of my other favorite Dove go fresh body wash scents, it's never overwhelming.

The Tiare Flower balances out the Mandarin orange scent so that I felt clean and fresh, and the scent lingered just long enough that it wasn't overkill on my scent or interfered with other fragrance I layered over it,  post-shower.

The body wash lathered beautifully and hydrated my skin nicely.  After rinsing, there was no greasy or sticky residue, and my skin felt very soft to the touch.  Note: If you have very dry skin or dry areas on your body, you will need to follow up with body lotion as well.

The  Mandarin & Tiare Flower is perfect for the warmer weather, and if you're a big citrus fan, this will also be right up your alley.  I loved using this first thing in the morning to help wake up, and this is also great after a work out or going to the gym.

If you're a bar soap person, you're also in luck!  They make Dove go fresh Revitalize Beauty Bar in the Mandarin & Tiare Flower scent as well. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Dove PR for reviewing purposes.

Natural Beauty Find - Burt's Bees Renewal Cleanser

After a really rough Winter this year in many parts of the world, many of you may be experiencing dull and lackluster skin.  

If you want a gentle, effective (manual) exfoliating cleanser to bring back that glow, Burt's Bees Renewal Cleanser is a great product to try.

Burt's Bees Renewal Cleanser is part of the new Burt's Bees Renewal line which is designed to help improve skin's texture.  It contains Hibiscus and Apple Rejuvenating Complex, which help to improve the smoothness of skin.

The cleanser is creamy and medium weight, with a nice amount of "slip" and lots of round, slightly large, smooth exfoliating beads within.  I applied the Renewal Cleanser to damp skin and then cleansed in a massaging motion to activate the exfoliating beads.  It was very effective at exfoliating, but not too strong or harsh.

When I rinsed, my skin was very smooth, soft and supple, and there was no residue or dryness. My skin felt completely fresh and clean, but also hydrated and moist in my drier areas like my cheeks.

This can also be used at the end of the day or at the gym to remove makeup as well.  For normal, combination or even dry skin this will work very well.  I used Burt's Bees Renewal Cleanser about 3x times a week, but it's very easy to adjust according to your skin's needs. 

This is a perfect formula for the upcoming warmer months when I need more exfoliation in my t-zone to clear my pores and avoid perspiration-induced breakouts. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Burt's Bees for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

If you have oily/combination skin and are looking for a reasonably priced foundation 
Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation may be just what you need.  

The newest in Maybelline's Fit Me!  line of makeup, this foundation does an excellent job of giving a smooth, naturally matte finish with medium-to-full coverage for an instantly pulled together look.

This is a thin, liquid foundation (in a glass bottle, FYI) that is smooth and lightweight to the touch.  It's also incredibly concentrated, so I used about a dime-sized amount for my face for med-full coverage.  What we so surprising what that as soon as I brushed and blended Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless it set immediately and with such a lightweight feel, that it was almost like I had nothing on. 

The finish was terrific.  It gave me a matte look, but not extremely flat, so it still looked natural (I would say this is a demi-matte finish).  As for the Poreless effect, I it did give a nice blurring/coverage effect on my nose area, which is where the pores are most apparent.

The color, Coconut, (shown, above), was a good match for me, although like few other Maybelline complexion products, it appeared at first on my skin to be way too orange.  However, seconds after blending it out, it matched my skin very well.  (However, they could certainly expand the line with a few further darker shades.)  

I got very good results using a foundation brush, as well as my favorite, BECCA The One Perfecting Brush.  If you prefer using a makeup sponge, I also found it worked well with the Beauty Blender.  This is buildable to a full coverage, and with a few layers, most average skin imperfections and discolorations really do get covered up completely.  I only had to use a touch of foundation under my eyes after applying the foundation.

The coverage was very good throughout the day, and I had to only blot minimally along my t-zone about 1x in the afternoon.  I like that there was oil control, but it didn't make my drier areas look or feel dry or flaky.  This is why for this price, it's such a dream Foundation for for combination skin.  I had no foundation smudging, fading or transfer for the entire day.

If you want your skin to look pulled together with minimal shine and a natural look, Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation is a fantastic option at a great price.

*This product was provided courtesy of Maybelline PR for reviewing purposes.