Beauty Find - Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

When a skincare product takes only a few minutes of my time AND produces great results right out of the gate - I call that a "game changer".  My latest game-changing skincare product is from Radical Skincare.

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask is the perfect skincare treatment to improve dry, dull or dehydrated skin and improve the look of fine lines.

I applied the mask as directed, to my cleansed and dry skin.  The Instant Revitalizing Mask is white and has a medium weight, lotion texture and feel.  After giving the bottle about a minute of pumping to activate the flow of the product (Remember, be patient!  you only have to do it the first time you use it).  Then I added about two dime-sized worth amounts to my skin and spread it over my face.  This mask is very concentrated, so you most likely will not need to apply more than this.

I left the mask on also as directed, for about 5 minutes. The Instant Revitalizing Mask activated on my skin to form fine bubbles (which made little "popping" sounds for a few seconds).  The sensation felt nice - not too strong or irritating.  When the mask was dry it dissolved to an invisible film.

After rinsing, I loved the results.  My skin was soft and hydrated, and it felt plump, rosy and looked so fresh!  I didn't experience any irritation or sensitivity, and it didn't make my oily T-zone area more oily.

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask  only needs to be used 2x week.  I'll keep this in my permanent skincare rotation when I need a quick skincare treat - especially on those early mornings! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Radical Skincare PR for reviewing purposes.

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