Beauty Tool Find - STILA Shape & Shade Custom Contour Brush

With contouring and highlighting being all the range for sleek, fresh and glowing skin, it's often a big headache trying to find the best tools for the job.

I recently came across the Stila Shape +Shade Custom Contour Brush and not only is it 2 brushes-in-1 (perfect for travel and your bag), but it's also one of the easiest tools I've come across to apply contouring, highlighting and bronzing powders or cream products.

The larger and flat-shaped end and is for contouring or bronzing, and it's very soft and thick. The bristles are short and densely packed, and I found they distributed product very evenly on my skin.  I had great control with this end of the brush and it made it very easy to apply the product in the exact location I needed to.  

The smaller end is for the highlighting, and with it's angled and short bristles, again it made it very easy to apply product along my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and even on my brow bone and cupid's bow.

The brush gave me streak free application and was very well made with no fall out of shedding of brush hair.  It also held up very well after regular cleanings.

Stila Shape +Shade Custom Contour Brush is a great tool to invest in for your everyday makeup or if you're a professional for your kit. - RLB

Purchase Here: Stila Shape + Shade Custom Contour Brush

P.S. Here's another great dual makeup brush for contouring and highlighting!

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