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If I told you that you could undo the damage from this very harsh, cold and dry winter season with two plastic bags and a liquid you add to your feet, would you believe me?

I might not have believed it myself, but after having such great experiences with Korean makeup and skincare from TONYMOLY over the last year, I gave in and tried the intense foot exfoliating treatment from Korea that many beauty lovers have been raving about.

TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid has packaging that lets you know right away that we're going straight to the feet! :)   The l and r foot shaped flat packets hold big plastic bags in the shape of clear socks.  Note: Before embarking on this treatment, I urge you to read the instructions CAREFULLY so you understand each step of process, and how long to use the product.

After putting my feet in each "sock" I opened up the smaller packets of foot peeling solution. There's one you add the the left and one for the right.  The liquid doesn't have a very strong smell, but there is a slight chemical scent to it. Tip: If you don't want the liquid to be cold, run the packets under hot water, or add them to a cup of hot water for a few minutes, and then add to each sock.  

After adding the liquid to the socks, my feet felt like they were completely soaked. To make sure no liquid spilled, I closed the attached white adhesive tape on the top of each sock. The liquid warmed up slightly but was not too hot while my feet were in the socks.

Then, with my feet, "swimming" in liquid, I sat back and relaxed for about an hour and a half (if you've got a Netflix House of Cards or Mad Men mini-marathon urge for example, it's the perfect time to do the TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid treatment!)

The Peeling Liquid for the most part absorbed into my feet and heels by the time an hour and a half was up.  I then took the socks off and washed my feet by jumping in the shower. Now, I should also mention that this treatment does not take off all the old, dry and hard skin on your feet/heels immediately. After drying off my feet, I added their Shiny Foot Foot cream for additional moisture, also as directed.  What is very unique about this product is that the real results are actually seen several days later.  

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While I did have some layers of old skin that came off right away when I rinsed, it is true that by day three they were in fact, really peeling.  The skin that was revealed was soft, smooth and non-irritated.  I would say that individual results will vary, but by the 5th day at the latest after the treatment, you should notice peeling and new skin underneath (some of the pieces may be rather large, so don't be alarmed though!).  Rough patches, small callus areas will all begin to just come off feet effortlessly.   The peeling was also very painless and non-irritating or drying to my feet.  

I would say this is the perfect time (early Spring) to do the treatment to get ready for open toe shoe and sandal weather.  If you want to use this before a vacation to a warm weather destination, I would recommend using TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid at least 2 weeks in advance (so you're not walking around in flip flops with peeling skin in public).

This is a foot treatment that I'll be doing several times a year now! - RLB

Get Smoother, Softer Feet Now: [NEW] TONYMOLY Shiny Foot SUPER Peeling Liquid

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