Drugstore Buy of the Week - Crest HD Daily Two-Step Whitening Toothpaste + Gel System

I recently wrote a 2-step product for lashes that's worth the extra time and effort, and here's another one I've discovered for teeth.

Crest Pro-Health HD Daily Two-Step Whitening Toothpaste + Gel System is designed to first deep cleanse teeth and remove plaque and then polish and whiten teeth with results on par with a professional whitening .

The two tubes -  Purifying Cleanser  and Perfecting Gel, are meant to work together and are activated by their isolated ingredients to really deliver impressive results.

If you've been eager to lighten up those coffee and wine stains on your teeth from the Winter holidays, or just want to give yourself an overall brightening, this is one of the best and fastest working at home systems I've tried.  

My first step each morning was to use the Step 1 Purifying Cleanser. The Toothpaste had a spearmint flavor and a bit of a thicker and slightly gritty texture than normal toothpaste, but gave my teeth a very refreshing clean.  Now, the next step took a little getting used to.  Once you've completed the first step you DON'T spit it out.  You put the Step 2 Perfecting Gel tube of whitener on your toothbrush and then brush again.  This is what activates the key ingredients that deliver the Whitening results.  The whole process only took about 2 minutes from start to finish.  Once you're done, then you can spit and rinse out.

I used this 2x day and after just 1 week I could see how much brighter and whiter my teeth looked (Note: My teeth are naturally fairly white, but I did notice an improvement, particularly on the side teeth, which are the ones I really wanted to brighten).  I did not experience any sensitively with my teeth or gums. 

I now use it 1x day to maintain the whiteness (on most days in the evening, when I have a bit more time to linger over the process). :)

So yes, good things in the beauty world DO come in Twos. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Crest PR for reviewing purposes.

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