Beauty Find - Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15

Foundations are getting better and BETTER.

And Clarins has one of the best new ones I've tried this year.  

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15 has a formula which is very hard to come by: One that gives medium/full coverage and makes skin look flawless - yet never heavy or unnatural.  

This is a formula which gives what I call a "natural matte" finish.  My more oily areas like my t zone were matte, but my drier areas still maintained a bit of a glow.  The texture of the foundation was also like a dream - satin smooth and creamy, and very concentrated. 

Once the foundation was on my foundation brush and then on my skin, it felt like a wisp of liquid before completely absorbing and blending into my skin tone. When I touched my skin, it felt soft and smooth and my skin could breath and still be "seen" though the foundation. For those of you who have had problems with foundations with a "cakey" appearance, no worries with this one.

 #118 Sienna (shown, above), was a very good match for me, and also provided some natural brightening effects which warmed up my skin, which has become a bit sallow from this winter weather (all thanks to their "Light-Optimizing Complex")!

The wear was also very impressive.  There was no smudging, flaking or transfer.  My foundation looked as fresh at 8pm as it did at 8am.  Again, my drier areas continued to feel hydrated (this is from a plant ingredient which, according to Clarins, acts like a reservoir to help skin stay supple and hydrated). But the foundation also managed to keep my t zone oil- free   On an average day, I only had to blot 1x day, and much less oil was picked up on my blotting sheets.

Of course,it also contains SPF 15 and literally a pea-sized amount was perfect for medium coverage, with just a bit more if I wanted to forgo concealer or have a full coverage look. There was a light floral fragrance (as with many Clarins products), which was very pleasant to me (not overbearing and didn't linger).

This foundation needs to be in your makeup collection, and the sooner the better. - RLB

Purchase Here:Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15

*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins PR for reviewing purposes.

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