Drugstore Buy of the Week - Head + Shoulders Moisture Care Dandruff Co-Wash

If you're a big fan of Co-Wash (1-step conditioning shampoo) products - but also have issues with dandruff, I've found the perfect product!

Head +Shoulders Moisture Care Dandruff Co-Wash, is a two in one product that really packs in the moisture to hair (perfect for natural, curly, textured as well as dry, relaxed hair) and works to reduce flakes and dandruff that can occur from a dry scalp.

Unlike some co-wash products we've tested over the years, Moisture Care Dandruff Co-Wash manages to leave hair hydrated and conditioned - without it feeling or looking weighed down, greasy, sticky or oily.  The co-wash leaves hair feeling clean - and the scalp soothed and hydrated at the same time.  The formula contains Almond Oil as well as Coconut Essence.  I also liked that with regular use, there was no build up in the hair, and it kept it soft and smooth.  

The texture of the Co-Wash was very thick and creamy - much thicker than your average shampoo - think more like a deep conditioning hair mask.  But once applied to (very) wet hair, the product lathered up and spread evenly and easily.  The fragrance is a light coconut-tropical blend that's not overwhelming, and actually very nice for the summer months (and a big improvement on the traditional dandruff shampoo medicinal scent!).  

Tip: Moisture Care Dandruff Co-Wash is a great product for de-tangling curly or relaxed hair and also for refreshing dry/flat curls. Mix it with a water and apply with a spray bottle.

Purchase Here: Head +Shoulders Moisture Care Dandruff Co-Wash, 12.8 fl oz

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