Beauty Find - Bliss Hide and Glow Sleek

If you've already started using the new spray lotions on the market, you know not only how convenient and time saving they are, while still delivering the moisture you love from your traditional lotions.

Now, Bliss has combined their award winning cult favorite Fat Girl Slim body firming formula with a glowing tint  - Fat Girl Slim Hide and Glow Sleek!

This is NOT a self tanner or even a bronzer, but rather a way to get a sheer glow to the skin, without a glitter effect (but there is some fine shimmer in the formula).  There are two shades available, the Fair to Medium, which has a sheer pink base, and the Medium to Dark, which I used, which has a sheer orange base.

The nozzle had a fine, steady mist which covered me evenly without streaking, and the formula dried within a few seconds.  The finish gave me a glow and a slight blurring of imperfections (it's not a body foundation or cover up however, and will not cover up scars, veins or hyper pigmentation).  

I think this is perfect to give skin a nice touch up after a day out in the sun to enhance a sun kissed tan.  The tint did not transfer once it was dry and it was temporary, washing off in the shower.  

I loved how natural the finish looked and it was great for the legs, in particular.  If you have very dry skin, I do recommend moisturizing first, as this is not a deeply moisturizing formula. During the day the tint did not flake, smudge or melt, even in very hot temperatures.

As for the firming, yes I did experience a tightening effect, and like with most body firming products, the more I used it, the better the effects were (I used for about 2 weeks on a regular basis to test at first).  This is for someone who wants more of the skin tint/glowing effects (as opposed to self-tan), than body toning, in my opinion.

Add this to your summer body care collection and take your skin to the next level for outdoor events, weddings, parties or big nights out - RLB

Purchase Here: Fat Girl Slim Hide and Glow Sleek - Medium to Dark

*This product was provided courtesy of PR for reviewing purposes.

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