Beauty Find - Christian Dior DiorStar Fluid Foundation SPF 30

Ahhh...when innovation and technology come together in the foundation category, it's pure heaven for a beauty lover like me - and it will be for you too.

Christian Dior has created a luxury foundation that is about as close to perfect as one can get.  It offers medium-to-full coverage, has a decadent gel/cream hybrid texture, and offers a very unique finish that makes skin look simply amazing. They've also managed to add in an SPF 30 with this very pigmented foundation, making it worth every single penny, and a fantastic beauty "splurge" you'll use frequently.

Dior Star Fluid Foundation SPF 30 060 Mocha was my best color match (there are 14 shades in all), and imagine my surprise when the small pump I put on the back of my hand to begin applying with my foundation brush was actually TOO MUCH for my face.  

That's right. Fluid Foundation so concentrated, that less than a pea-sized amount is all you'll generally need for a good, medium coverage.  (Although if you're looking for closer to full coverage, 1-2 pea-sized pumps, applied in thin layers, will work perfectly for you). But the joy in using this foundation is how weightless, smooth and creamy, (like "cushiony air" ) it felt on my skin.  Note: I preferred using a foundation brush with this foundation, but it also works well with a beauty blender.

After applying Dior Star Fluid Foundation SPF 30 my skin looked like a combination of airbrushed - with a luminous/dewy (not shiny!) finish.  On most days, I only needed to follow up the foundation with a touch of concealer, and I was done - it was truly about 1 minute total to apply and for it to set.

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I found this to be perfect for my combination skin - it provided a nice about of moisture, but didn't seem to add additional oil to my more oily t-zone. I only needed 1-2 light blots on my forehead/nose area for the entire day.

It didn't clog my pores, flake or turn color during the day.  My skin looked just as perfect at the end of a long day, as when I applied it 8+ hours earlier.  Since this is a not long wear foundation, per se, on very warm or humid days, I got great results by using the foundation and the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray + Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray together.  But when temperature was average, I didn't need anything additional to keep the foundation looking fresh all day.

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