Beauty Find - SEPHORA Collection Pro Contour Kabuki #82 Brush

Here's another great makeup brush investment for those of you who want a quality contouring brush.  

SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Contour Kabuki #82 works with a curved brush head and a short, curved, "painter brush" style handle which made it easy to move around the planes of my face.

I loved using this as a bronzer brush, it's so soft and it fit in the angles of my face easily. This brush also holds up very well after washing and I didn't get any bristle fall out.  There's also a nice plastic cover that snaps over the bristles of the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Contour Kabuki #82to keep them clean in your makeup drawer/bag or vanity.

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The quality of the brush hairs made my bronzers/contouring powders apply like a dream.  It actually makes the process of finding that space underneath your cheekbones much easier, particularly if you're new to using bronzers and makeup in general.

But this is such a great tool (and worth every penny), any makeup artist would do well to also have a SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Contour Kabuki #82 in their kit! - RLB

Purchase Here: SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Contour Kabuki #82

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