Beauty Find - Talika Lipocils Expert

Whenever I hear there's a new Talika product my ears perk up.

Because Talika  has some of the best skincare/eye care treatments (like their Talika Eye Therapy Patch!) , that are truly effective and innovative. I've been a big fan of their Talika Eyelash Lipocils for eyelash growth and conditioning, and have recommended it to countless friends and beauty lovers for the last few years.

Now, Talika has created a version of the hair growing Lipocils specifically for eyebrows. This is perfect if you have overtweezed your brows for years, or do have fairly full eyebrows, but with some thin or spare areas that never seem to grow in. The product is very easy to use. The wand has a slanted sponge applicator, which I dipped into the tube and applied the clear gel to the areas of my eyebrows that needed it.  Then I used the spiral brush below it, to brush the product through and to shape my brows.

 Purchase Here: Talika Lipocils Expert, 1 ea 

Talika Lipocils Expert contains their patented nourishing plant extracts which help brows grow in thicker and fuller.  But what I also love about this version is that it's made with an ingredient that slightly darkens brows over time, naturally. These effects are stated by the company after 6 weeks, but I have to tell you, I began seeing noticeable growth (but not really in change in color) after 3 weeks, using daily.  Note: The darkening brow effect will be most noticeable on those people that have blond to light brown colored eyebrows, as opposed to very dark brown or black, which is the case for me.  

Like with my Talika Eyelash Lipocils, I used this faithfully 2x day and will continue to do so to keep up the nicely grown in outer ends of my otherwise full brows.  It makes it much easier to get ready in the AM, not having to use much in the way of brow pencil either! - RLB

Purchase Here: Talika Lipocils Expert, 1 ea

*This product was provided courtesy of  Talika PR for reviewing purposes.

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