Beauty Find - Talika Bio Enzymes After-Sun Mask

Talika's latest Talika Bio Enzymes After-Sun Mask is the perfect companion to your summer beach getaways.

With a brand like Talika, which takes an innovative and scientific approach to skincare solutions, their sheet mask for post-sun exposure is simply brilliant.

Like their other sheet masks, the Talika Bio Enzymes After-Sun Mask,  contains a high concentration of active ingredients.  The design of the mask is also unique, with a second layer, or "mask within a mask" which gives your skin the extra intensive boost of ingredients.

Since it's an individual sheet mask, it's perfect to toss in your bag and use at any time - at the hotel, while resting poolside etc.  

I used this after a full weekend out in the sun.  Opening up the mask requires that you unfold it in half and then remove a thin plastic inner layer, (but remember to leave the second layer on the mask, which is what holds all the hydrating and plumping ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Collagen).  

The texture of the mask was very moist, but not overly dripping with product. The little folds which open for the eye and nose area also fit my face comfortably. 

The mask felt very cool and moist, which was soothing and relaxing to my skin with soothing ingredients like Chamomile and Arnica.  I left it on about 10 minutes, until I could feel the liquid on my skin drying.  By the time I removed the mask, most of the liquid had evaporated and my skin felt slightly damp, soft and plump.  I had a great tone to my skin and my skin looked refreshed and moisturized.

My skin was so hydrated in fact there was no need for me to use any additional product - and even the next morning my skin was soft and smooth.  (This is also ideal for those of you who tend to peel the next day after intense sun exposure).  Note: While Talika Bio Enzymes After-Sun Mask, will not remove all the after effects of a sunburn, it will certainly help calm and sooth your skin while you heal. Please remember to continue to use sun screen afterwards if you're heading are back out in the sun post-mask, as well. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Talika PR for reviewing purposes.

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