Beauty Find - TonyMoly I'm Real Tomato Mask Sheet Radiance

I've tried a few beauty products over the years that contain large amounts of tomato extract, but it took innovative Korean skincare brand, TonyMoly to create one that really delivers results.

I picked up the Tonymoly I'm Real Mask Sheet, Tomato, at the New York TonyMoly store after hearing great things about it.

Each mask is individually wrapped and infused with tomato essence, which helps to increase radiance and refreshed skin.

I honestly wasn't expecting miracles, but did love the packaging and the masks' features, which also include peach fruit extract, and a three-layer durable cotton sheet 

This is a very "wet" mask, yes pretty much dripping with liquid, but I was able to apply on my skin and it adhered very well, without slipping or sliding off my face.  It's a standard shape with a two eye and 1 nose opening which was big enough to fit my face.

Then I just laid back and relaxed for about 20 min.  This mask doesn't really get dry, and when I peeled it off, there was still some essence that I used to massage into my skin more as well as my neck and upper chest.

Once I rinsed off the excess I was very happy with the results.  My skin was so soft and smooth, and it really did have an amazing glow like I had just had a spa facial.  It was brighter, toned and yet very moisturized without my more oily areas feeling greasy or oily.

I didn't experience any irritation or clogged pores after using it about 2x week. Note: If you have allergic reactions to tomatoes or other citrus fruits I would recommend doing a patch test first on the inside of your wrist with some of the liquid from the mask.

When you want a quick, easy and inexpensive addition to your skin care routine for an extra glowy complexion,  Tonymoly I'm Real Mask Sheet, Tomato, is your secret weapon.  - RLB

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