Hair Product Find - Rusk Elixir Mist Thermal Shine Mist

Hair serum in a mist....sounds good doesn't it?

Well, Rusk Elixir Mist Thermal Shine Mist  is good.

This is now one of my favorite new hair products to deliver truly weightless moisturize, shine and offer heat protection for blow drying and flat ironing.

Since this is actually a serum, it's quite concentrated, so I found that adding a few short sprays of this ultra fine (and completely silent because of their eco-friendly patented air delivery system!) mist were best to start, and then I added more after combing, etc. It's also interesting to note I sprayed the mist it was completely silent because of Rusk's eco-friendly patented air delivery system. If you have very thick or dry hair, you'll certainly be able to use more without it looking or feeling greasy.  I had amazing shine all day.  Note: You can also spray the mist into your hands and apply the serum directly to hair or ends, as well.

This works well on all hair types, particularly hair that's been straightened, relaxed or blown out.  Rusk Elixir Mist Thermal Shine Mist can also be used on damp and dry hair, so you can really have 1 post-shampoo product for all your styling needs.

Now for another great feature - the smell!  It's like cutting opening a crate of fresh coconuts. I didn't find it artificial smelling, heavy or cloying. The majority of the scent dissipates after a few seconds, but there was a faint trace of it throughout the day which was very nice.

There's no alcohol, so it's non-drying and also helps to reduce frizz for curlier hair types.

Rusk Elixir Mist Thermal Shine Mist should be your next must-have product in your hair collection. - RLB

Purchase Here: Rusk Elixir Mist Thermal Shine Mist 2.5oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Rusk PR for reviewing purposes.

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