Nail Polish Find - Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat

I've featured some great new nail polish shades over the years, but if you're investing your own time to do your nails at home, the one thing you want is for that great color and shine to LAST.

That's where the amazing essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat Anti-Chip + Shine comes in.

 essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat Anti-Chip + Shine has a small flaw in that it take s little extra time to dry...but it is well worth it because this top coat really works to keep chips at bay.  And if you've splurged on nail polish, then you know you need something like this.

The brush may be a little more narrow and shorter than you are used to, but don't worry, this forces you to apply it in very thin, smooth layers.  The texture will feel a bit tacky/sticky, but again, this goes away as soon as it's spread over the nail.

Once I had No Chips Ahead on, I needed to let it dry for close to 10 min.  This may seem like an unreasonable amount of time to wait, but with the results I got, it was well worth it. Note: Sometimes it felt dry after about 6 min, but I had the best results waiting for a full 10 min.

Once it set, it was like a hard clear shell, which is what actually protected my nail polish/lacquer.

The final results were I got at least 5-7 days more wear with my nail polish before I even saw a single chip.  The shine remained thought this period as well. This was even when I was really using my hands a lot for errands/dishes, etc.  I also found that if I added it on top of an in-salon manicure I got closer to 9 days.  That's amazing!

essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat Anti-Chip + Shine is very reasonably priced here, and can also be found at CVS where you can also get in-store discounts by joining their CVS Beauty Club. 

Get this top coat NOW. - RLB

Purchase Here: essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat Anti-Chip + Shine, .46 oz

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