2015 Holiday Gift Pick - Formula X Bottle Service Set

Formula X Bottle Service Set is for the beauty lover who likes a gift that has a cute twist...

This limited edition holiday set contains 10 mini 
Formula X  nail polishes, which include 5 new shades.  There are cream and shimmer shades which are perfect for the social girl in your life.  The shades are inside of a champagne bottle package (it's not glass, it's a soft, flexible plastic).

All 10 polishes featured 
Formula X 's patented formula which keeps polish shiny and chip free for days on end.  This makes Formula X Bottle Service Set a great gift for someone who hasn't tried Formula X before.

If you're also in the market for cute stocking stuffers, then you can always buy the 
Formula X Bottle Service Set and split up for your friends and family members who you know will like certain shades. 

Formula X Bottle Service Set
 has an equal mix of pastel and shimmery shades and darker, more bold shades which are perfect for holiday parties and events.  Two of my favorite shades are On The Rocks, which is a chic, metallic deep brown and Glitz, which is a classic champagne gold glitter that also works well over other shades or on it's own.

Here's another great idea: Pick up a few Formula X Bottle Service Sets for friends and family as a hostess gift for the holidays in place of actual alcohol for those who don't drink.  - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Sephora PR for reviewing purposes.

2015 Holiday Gift Pick - Tatcha AIIRO Soothing Blue Set

This is no "run of the mill" hand and body cream holiday set.

Tatcha AIIRO Soothing Blue Set is one of our favorite ways to say "Happy Holidays" to the beauty lover in your life this year.

This Tatcha duo of Soothing Silk Hand Cream and Soothing Silk Body Butter set keeps skin soft, smooth and continuously hydrated all winter long. Both the body butter and hand cream are a beautiful sky blue shade* and creamy, yet light weight. Both products are also concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  *Note: The sky-blue color of the creams disappears on application and will not permanently stain skin or fabric.

As always with Tatcha, the gift packaging is as special and elegant as the products themselves.  You're sure to bring a smile on their face with Tatcha AIIRO Soothing Blue Set. If you're new to Tatcha, this is also a great introduction to the high quality of their products, so click to pick it up for yourself! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Tatcha PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dove Shea Butter Purely Pamering Gift Set

Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter range is a effective, budget friendly way to keep skin soft, hydrated and healthy all winter long. This is the Dove body wash I always reach for when the temps drop and my skin gets dry and flaky.

This holiday, you can treat yourself or someone you love with the Dove Shea Butter Purely Pampering Gift Set which includes : A 22 ounce Purely Pampering Body Wash, 2 Shea Butter Beauty Bars (4 ounce), 12 ounce Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo, 12 ounce Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, and Bath Pouf.  It's all stored in a travel bag that's easy to toss into any suitcase or weekend duffle during this holiday season.

The products have creamy, rich textures and amazing scents.  The whole collection preforms and smells like body care that costs twice the price.  This is a great gift for students, people who travel a lot, and the beauty lovers who crave body care products!

I love having the option of taking the soaps out and still having room to add a few of my other favors Dove products, like their Dove go fresh Restore 48 Hour Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Blue Fig + Orange Blossom - RLB
Purchase Here: Available at Walmart, Walmart.com and other mass market stores nationwide.
*This product was provided courtesy of Dove PR for reviewing purposes.

2015 Holiday Gift Pick - Tocca Beauty Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection

Please the sophisticated fragrance lover in your life with Tocca Beauty Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection. 

These 10 mini sprays give the perfect taste of some of Tocca's most classic, and newest fragrances.

All 10 perfume sprays, each in a different color, are housed in a beautiful little pink tin, with each perfume name labeled on the outside.

If you know someone that is already a Tocca fan, they will love having a mini version of Stella, (which is one of my all time favorite Tocca scents).  It has a beautiful, blood orange base with a warm dry down. Cleopatra is infused with the crisp, fresh scent of juicy grapefruit and soothing cucumber (which was actually used in the legendary queen’s beauty rituals). Colette is another one I always reach for.  This scent is very warm, spicy, with a touch of sweetness. 

I loved trying some Tocca "Girls" that I have never smelled before, like Margaux  which is a mix of fresh greens and lovely florals like green gardenia, amber, and violet. The scent develops into a very warm mix of cashmere woods and musk.

Isabel is a little edgier, with notes of leather, vetiver, and guiacwood.  This is perfect for a woman who doesn't want to smell like anyone else and leave her mark on a room full of people. 

You can give this as a single gift, or, if you know people who love a particular Tocca scent, give them their favorite as an individual stocking stuffer.  

These also make perfectly sized scents for freshening up while traveling and at the office. - RLB

This set contains: 
- 10 x 0.15 oz Spray Vials in Cleopatra, Stella, Florence, Giuletta, Colette, Bianca, Isabel, Liliana, Margaux, Simone

Purchase Here: Tocca Beauty Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection

*This product was provided courtesy of Tocca PR for reviewing purposes.

2015 Holiday Gift Pick - SEPHORA Collection Glitter Happy Brush Set

If you have someone in your life that LOVES makeup and love glitter, I've found the perfect gift.  SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitter Happy Brush Set is not just a pretty face, so to speak.

The 5 brush set is housed in rose gold-glitter covered base with the works "The Twinkle of My Eye". Each of the brushes are a soft peach shade, incredibly soft and very well made. The brushes are high quality with no shedding and were very easy to clean. My personal Glitter Happy Brush favorites are the blush and foundation brushes which distribute cream and power products well.

The design and box make this gift ready it is so pretty to set on a bathroom counter or vanity.  Having all the brushes in a stand makes it easier to find and keep organized, as well as not having to worry about additional dirt/dust, etc. when they are laying flat.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitter Happy Brush Set is a winner! Order 1 for a gift and maybe an extra one for you:) - RLB

Purchase Here: SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitter Happy Brush Set

This set contains: 
- Brush stand 
- Blush brush 
- Pointed foundation brush 
- Blending brush 
- Pointed concealer brush 
- Allover shadow brush 
- Lip brush 

*This product was provided courtesy of Sephora PR for reviewing purposes.

2015 Holiday Gift Pick - Ciaté London Mini Mani Month

Ciate has just what every nail polish junkie needs. Beautiful nail polishes, treatments and accessories in a advent calendar package.
There's the perfect amount of variety. Pinks, pastels, dark moody shades and of course some beautiful glitters.  The full sized nail polish, Rom Com Rouge, is a red glitter shade that just screams " Holiday Party". 

Best of all, several nail treatments are also included. Knight in Shining Armour Overnight Nail Mask Treatment and Nail Gym Nail Strengthener Treatment.
This is perfect to gift to one person or to split up into several smaller stocking stuffers.  There are enough shades that there's something for everyone.
Here are some of my favourite nail polishes: Ahoy Sailor (turquoise), Purple Rain-bow (purple holographic glitter), Prima Ballerina (greige), Raspberry Collins (fuchsia) and Birthday Blue (chrome blue).  The fun of this gift is you can decide to be patient and pull out one product a day (but I had to open them all up at once!).
Ciate polishes all have smooth textures (even the glitters), which were easy to apply and produced the bottle shade in just two coats.
Click NOW to order this ode to nails! -RLB

Purchase Here: Ciate London Mini Mani Month

This set contains: 
- 18 x 0.17 oz Nail polish (mini size) in Heirloom (duochrome purple/gold), Check Mate (monochrome square glitter), Pom Pom (coral), Cutie Pie (sheer pink), Snow Globe (holographic glitter), Ahoy Sailor (turquoise), Life’s a Peach (peach), A List (duochrome purple), Double Bubblegum (lilac), Raspberry Collins (fuchsia), Birthday Blue (chrome blue), Miracle on 34th (gold loose glitter nail topper), Shady Lady (gunmetal chrome), Purple Rain-bow (purple holographic glitter), Dangerous Affair (Deep Red), Prima Ballerina (greige), Hutch (classic red), Cookies & Cream (cream nude) 
- 0.42 Nail Polish in Rom Com Rouge (red glitter) 
- 0.17 oz Nail Gym Nail Strengthener Treatment 
- 0.17 oz Bloom Boost Nail Illuminator Treatment 
- 0.17 oz Knight in Shining Armour Overnight Nail Mask Treatment 
- 2 x 0.17 oz Chalet Chic (holographic white loose glitter nail topper) 
- Glass Nail File (mini)

*This product was provided courtesy of Ciate for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover, Argan Oil

There's one thing that I HATE about most nail polish removers.  It's how dry and chaffed they leave my nails/fingers feeling afterwards.
Over the years  I've tried some nail polish removers which say they're "moisturizing" or "non-drying". The problem is that sometimes they can leave an oily or sticky film or residue that I also don't care for.
I discovered Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover on a recent drugstore shopping strip.  I was drawn to it because I  love Argan Oil and have had great results from many beauty products containing it over the years.
Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover, Argan Oil is thin and liquid-y (basically like water), and it's clear.  But that's where any similarities to other nail polish removers end.  
I was amazed by how little I had to put on a pad (about 2 squirts), for almost all the polish on 1 hand to come off completely.  Once the polish was off, this was the even nicer surprise - I had absolutely NO dry feeling what so ever.  As a matter of fact, it actually felt like I had applied a light lotion to my fingers/nail beds, which were soft and hydrated. There was no residue and my nails were perfectly prepped for nail polish afterwards.
Another Argan Nail Polish Remover To Try for Travel: Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes Grapefruit - 20 wipes
This is going to be one of my new go-to's for nail polish removal. For this great price, I encourage you to stock up,for all your at home manicures. - RLB

Purchase Here: Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover, Argan Oil, 8 fl oz

Fragrance Find - Pierre Herme x L'Occitane Pampoumousse Rhubarbe Eau de Toilette

Pierre Hermé, is known by some as the ""Picasso of Pastry".  In 1997, he founded the company Pierre Hermé Paris with Charles Znaty, establishing himself as the creator of Haute-Pâtisserie (high-end, luxury desserts and pastries using the highest quality and most luxurious ingredients).

In 2015, L'Occitane founder, Olivier Baussan, invited him to compose a collection of scents. The result? Beautifully crafted complex fragrances that utilize both savory, sweet, bitter and citrus elements.

Pierre Hermé, x L'Occitane Pampoumousse Rhubarbe Eau de Toilette Hermé, manages to beautifully balance the two main notes, Rhubarb and Grapefruit.  So much so, that even though this would be considered a "citrus" fragrance, it has so much complexity to it, it's actually perfect to wear year-round.  (It's also surprisingly unisex and will work on men very well).

The element of the Grapefruit that Hermé, focused on is a unique one - the entire fruit, including the slightly bitter white inner skin.  These notes are blended with the very green and crisp Rhubarb, which is often eaten as a fruit (but not often utilized in fragrance).  The dry down on me was just gorgeous - still remaining crisp, but filled with a warm, spicy and woody feel.  I got about 6+ hours of wear from this scent and the silage I would say is moderate.

What I really love about this fragrance is that the blend of notes actually makes it smell like many elements - not just the two main ones: Grapefruit & Rhubarb.  It was just so fresh, feminine and crisp, with beautiful warmth that developed and stayed with me for many hours that I wore the scent.

This is a scent for those of you who just love fragrance and are always on the lookout for something truly different. For those of you who also love perfume packaging, this is a winner too!  With its beautiful outer box color combination and bottle shape it's perfect for holiday gift giving and of course to add to your own perfumes on the vanity. - RLB

Purchase Here: Pierre Herme x L'Occitane Pampoumousse Rhubarbe Eau de Toilette 

*This product was provided courtesy of L'Occitane PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

As a big fan of Into The Gloss beauty blog, and my fellow beauty writer, Emily Weiss, (the founder of the blog and it's skincare line, Glossier), I was very excited to finally try the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint.The line also expanded their shades this year, which is why I was now able to give it a go.

I would describe this a a hybrid tinted moisturizer with BB cream. 

I used Deep (There are now two additional shades to their original 3 shade line up, shown, left) Deep and Rich, which is the deepest shade, will work on very dark skin tones.*

I have combination skin with no major issues, so I felt this was a great product to use on days when I didn't want anything to heavy, or just wanted a more natural look.

It has a liquid-y texture, and it's quite concentrated, so about 10-12 drops in my hand or with my beauty blender were all I needed to get good coverage.  It felt lightweight, silky and didn't have any major fragrance.

The finish was indeed perfecting, with a touch of "blurring" effect, yet still quite natural and healthy looking. It hydrated my skin nicely and gave me a great glow-y finish but didn't make my t-zone look more oily.  I also loved how easy it was to apply.  My fingers worked great and this was ideal if I was in a rush in the AM, but I also got nice results with a beauty blender and Foundation brush as well.  During the day my skin continued to feel great, the color stayed even and there was no smudging, flaking or transfer.

When I wanted slightly more polish, I did add a touch of concealer under my eyes, but other than that, I really loved the finish it gave me.

This is for those of you who only need a lighter tinted moisturizer with skin benefits that will perfectly match your skin tone.   Give this a go! - RLB

Purchase Here:  Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint * You'll also find a chart featuring real women of all skin tones  to help you choose your best shade:

Nail Care Find - eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask

Let's this consider 2015 the year nails started becoming the new "face" when it comes to skin care masks.

With Winter officially around the corner here on the East coast, I discovered eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask just in time to add into my nail and hand care regimine.

As soon as the humidity and temperatures dip, my cuticles get very dry and I'm much more susceptible to hang nails and easily cracked nails.  I loved how easy eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask was to use to ensure that my cuticles and nails stay moisturized and looking great throughout the season.

It has a lightweight, slightly water-y feeling lotion texture that glided smoothly on to my nail beds and cuticles easily.  Now the best part - I only had to leave it on for 5 minutes. Then I massaged any excess into my outer nails/fingers and finished by washing my hands with warm water.

After drying off, my cuticles were soft and supple, and my nail beds and nails were nice and shiny.  Using eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask 1-2 times a week (and using these products directly after and in-between treatments), I've seen a big improvement in my cuticles and nail beds.  

If you normally do at home manicures, or just want to keep your nails as healthy as possible in the colder months in-between your salon appointments, this is definitely a must have treatment to have on hand.  I'm a big convert to the latest mask trend - and eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask is worth the extra 5 minutes. - RLB

Purchase Here: eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Nuance by Salma Hayek Rose Hydrating Balm

For the last few years I've been raving about Salma Hayek's beauty line, available exclusively at CVS.  If you're looking for high quality skincare, hydrating soothing formulas and pretty makeup shades at a reasonable price this is simply one of the best on the market.

I recently got to try the Nuance by Salma Hayek Rose Hydrating Balm and once again was impressed by the packaging, quality, and in this case, the amazing Rose scent.

This lip balm is a little powerhouse!  It's so concentrated that I only had to use a thin layer to get all the moisturizing and glossing goodness. It is very silky, smooth and has a wonderful, fresh rose scent that is not artificial or cloying. The taste is a bit of the rose with what seems like a touch of vanilla.  So yummy! This really did immediately soften and hydrate my dry lips and was the perfect base for my more matte lipsticks.  

For those of you who like a very natural look, this is also great on it's own, as it has a very subtle, natural rosey tint. The finish is a natural shine and it moisturized my lips for hours on end, even when I retouched my lipstick

As with many of the Nuance products, the packaging for this little balm is also so chic and pretty.  it's compact enough to toss in most bags, even though it's round, and it has a great top lock mechanism which makes it impossible to open by accident in your bag.

Tip: You can use any excess balm from your lip application on cuticles - it's keeps them soft and smelling lovely - so it's also a 2--in-1 product at a great price. Stock up on this wallet friendly beauty product for the upcoming winter months. - RLB

Purchase Here: Nuance by Salma Hayek Rose Hydrating Balm  

*This product was provided courtesy of CVS Beauty club PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - SK-II Pitera Mid Day Essence

As someone who is a big fan of SK-II skincare and have seen real results from their cult product, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, I was SUPER excited to hear that they've developed a new product based on the key Pitera ingredient in the Treatment Essence, the SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence.

SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence is a brilliant product that takes the best features of the Treatment Essence  and turns it into a great, on-the-go version that not only hydrates and gives skin that same amazing glow as the Essence, but also helps keep makeup looking fresh all day. 

But don't just think the Mid-Day Essence is simply the Treatment Essence in a spray bottle - it's actually a new, advanced formula which contains their Pitera ingredient along with the new MoistureLock complex. This new formula is able to penetrate makeup and lock in moisture at the same time. The mist is very light and fine, and I loved using this mid day to freshen up my makeup (or just my skin on the weekends if I wasn't wearing makeup). My skin was dewy, toned and had that SK-II glow all the time with no feeling of film or residue.

With cold, winter temps coming I plan on having SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence on me at all times and will continue to use with the original SK-II Facial Treatment Essence(which I apply daily after cleansing). If you're a fan of the original SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence is simply a must have additional to your skin care arsenal. And if you've never tried SK-II before, this is a great introduction into the line and the amazing results. - RLB 

Purchase Here: SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence 

*This product was provided courtesy of SKII for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - TonyMoly Blast Perfect Cleansing Tissue

It's called the "Perfect" Cleansing Tissue (Wipe), and if you have dry/very dry skin, [Tonymoly] Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue may very well be.

[Tonymoly] Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue is packed with water, baking powder and vegetable ingredients which cleanse as well as infuse skin with moisture at the same time.

See more of our favorite Tonymoly beauty products here!

One Cleansing Tissue was enough to remove all my makeup, including long wearing eyeliner/mascara.  It has a very soft and medium weight texture.  I loved the fresh, citrus scent (one of the prettiest wipe fragrances I've smelled in a long time actually!).  This wipe is fairly wet with liquid, but once I had massaged it over my skin a few times to cleanse, most of the liquid was transferred to my skin.  While I did feel a coating of moisture, it didn't feel sticky or greasy. After my skin was completely dry, it felt soft, smooth and very plump.

I will continue to keep [Tonymoly] Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue on hand as we get into the much colder, drier months to keep my skin hydrated post cleanse and prior to doing further hydrating at-home mask treatments, for example.  These are also perfect for cleansing/refreshing skin while on very dry airline flights as well. Stock up on these now! - RLB