Beauty Find - SK-II Pitera Mid Day Essence

As someone who is a big fan of SK-II skincare and have seen real results from their cult product, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, I was SUPER excited to hear that they've developed a new product based on the key Pitera ingredient in the Treatment Essence, the SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence.

SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence is a brilliant product that takes the best features of the Treatment Essence  and turns it into a great, on-the-go version that not only hydrates and gives skin that same amazing glow as the Essence, but also helps keep makeup looking fresh all day. 

But don't just think the Mid-Day Essence is simply the Treatment Essence in a spray bottle - it's actually a new, advanced formula which contains their Pitera ingredient along with the new MoistureLock complex. This new formula is able to penetrate makeup and lock in moisture at the same time. The mist is very light and fine, and I loved using this mid day to freshen up my makeup (or just my skin on the weekends if I wasn't wearing makeup). My skin was dewy, toned and had that SK-II glow all the time with no feeling of film or residue.

With cold, winter temps coming I plan on having SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence on me at all times and will continue to use with the original SK-II Facial Treatment Essence(which I apply daily after cleansing). If you're a fan of the original SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence is simply a must have additional to your skin care arsenal. And if you've never tried SK-II before, this is a great introduction into the line and the amazing results. - RLB 

Purchase Here: SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence 

*This product was provided courtesy of SKII for reviewing purposes.

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