Beauty Find - TonyMoly Blast Perfect Cleansing Tissue

It's called the "Perfect" Cleansing Tissue (Wipe), and if you have dry/very dry skin, [Tonymoly] Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue may very well be.

[Tonymoly] Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue is packed with water, baking powder and vegetable ingredients which cleanse as well as infuse skin with moisture at the same time.

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One Cleansing Tissue was enough to remove all my makeup, including long wearing eyeliner/mascara.  It has a very soft and medium weight texture.  I loved the fresh, citrus scent (one of the prettiest wipe fragrances I've smelled in a long time actually!).  This wipe is fairly wet with liquid, but once I had massaged it over my skin a few times to cleanse, most of the liquid was transferred to my skin.  While I did feel a coating of moisture, it didn't feel sticky or greasy. After my skin was completely dry, it felt soft, smooth and very plump.

I will continue to keep [Tonymoly] Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue on hand as we get into the much colder, drier months to keep my skin hydrated post cleanse and prior to doing further hydrating at-home mask treatments, for example.  These are also perfect for cleansing/refreshing skin while on very dry airline flights as well. Stock up on these now! - RLB

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