Drugstore Buy of the Week - Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover, Argan Oil

There's one thing that I HATE about most nail polish removers.  It's how dry and chaffed they leave my nails/fingers feeling afterwards.
Over the years  I've tried some nail polish removers which say they're "moisturizing" or "non-drying". The problem is that sometimes they can leave an oily or sticky film or residue that I also don't care for.
I discovered Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover on a recent drugstore shopping strip.  I was drawn to it because I  love Argan Oil and have had great results from many beauty products containing it over the years.
Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover, Argan Oil is thin and liquid-y (basically like water), and it's clear.  But that's where any similarities to other nail polish removers end.  
I was amazed by how little I had to put on a pad (about 2 squirts), for almost all the polish on 1 hand to come off completely.  Once the polish was off, this was the even nicer surprise - I had absolutely NO dry feeling what so ever.  As a matter of fact, it actually felt like I had applied a light lotion to my fingers/nail beds, which were soft and hydrated. There was no residue and my nails were perfectly prepped for nail polish afterwards.
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This is going to be one of my new go-to's for nail polish removal. For this great price, I encourage you to stock up,for all your at home manicures. - RLB

Purchase Here: Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover, Argan Oil, 8 fl oz

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