Nail Care Find - eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask

Let's this consider 2015 the year nails started becoming the new "face" when it comes to skin care masks.

With Winter officially around the corner here on the East coast, I discovered eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask just in time to add into my nail and hand care regimine.

As soon as the humidity and temperatures dip, my cuticles get very dry and I'm much more susceptible to hang nails and easily cracked nails.  I loved how easy eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask was to use to ensure that my cuticles and nails stay moisturized and looking great throughout the season.

It has a lightweight, slightly water-y feeling lotion texture that glided smoothly on to my nail beds and cuticles easily.  Now the best part - I only had to leave it on for 5 minutes. Then I massaged any excess into my outer nails/fingers and finished by washing my hands with warm water.

After drying off, my cuticles were soft and supple, and my nail beds and nails were nice and shiny.  Using eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask 1-2 times a week (and using these products directly after and in-between treatments), I've seen a big improvement in my cuticles and nail beds.  

If you normally do at home manicures, or just want to keep your nails as healthy as possible in the colder months in-between your salon appointments, this is definitely a must have treatment to have on hand.  I'm a big convert to the latest mask trend - and eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask is worth the extra 5 minutes. - RLB

Purchase Here: eve snow LONDON Super-Food Nail Mask

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