2015 Holiday Gift Pick - Ciaté London Choc Pot

Ciate London Choc Pot Mint  is effective, cute AND yummy smelling.  In other words: it's the perfect stocking stuffer for your beauty/nail polish lover.

Ciate London Choc Pot Mint  allows you to skip the cotton pads.  It's a mini travel friendly-size pot you just insert each nail in and turn a few times to remove your nail polish.

While a pot-style nail polish remover is not unique, what IS unique is the gentle formula which leaves behind a chocolate mint scent on your nails!

Ciate London Choc Pot Mint is acetone free and hydrates and conditions nails with a marula oil and Vitamin B5 + E formula.  After removing all my polish, my nails/cuticles felt and looked soft and hydrated.  There was no sticky or gummy residue.

As if all the above features were not enough, the formula is also incredible at removing all types of nail polish (dark shades, neon shades, shimmers) in seconds.  

Please Note: When you first open the jar and insert your finger in the pot, it will smell very similar to normal nail polish remover.(so don't open the pot and stick your nose right in to see what it smells like!). However, a few seconds after I took my fingers out of the Ciate London Choc Pot Mint and the liquid dried, my nails did smell like mint chocolate!   The best part of the scent is that is was very natural and authentic - not cloying or artificial.

This is also perfect to pick up for yourself if you (or your significant other) normally hates the smell of nail polish remover.  It's also great to have on hand for your holiday travel.

If Mint Chocolate is not a favorite of the person you're buying it for, you can also buy Chocolate Orange and White Chocolate. - RLB

Purchase Here: Ciate London Choc Pot Mint 1.01 oz

Purchase Here: Ciate London Choc Pot Orange 1.01 oz

Purchase Here: Ciate London Choc Pot White 1.01 oz

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