2015 Holiday Gift Pick - Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Gift Set

I wanted to add another fragrance to my 2015 Holiday Gift Picks, and when I came across the TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme Gift Set I knew I had found it.

TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme has become another 1 of my spicy, exotic favorites for this year.  It smells sophisticated, with deep and complex spices and floral combinations.  

If you have a TOM FORD or fragrance lover in your life who likes their scents to be bolder (but not off putting) and stand out, I highly recommend TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme.

The scent starts out very warm, slightly sweet with a light citrus element which gives a nice, slightly dry airy feel.  As the day goes on, TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme gets warmer and more sensual with beautiful rose, vanilla, amber and multiple wood notes which also make the dry down comforting and sexy. 

The staying power on me was very good - at least 5+ hours before any touch up.  The *silage/*projection is above average, so the scent will enter the room a bit before you, but not in an obnoxious way. This will work for everyday, with a light touch (just a few sprays), and it's perfect for a big night out or a special date night with your sweetie (LOTS of sprays).

The hydrating emulsion is lightweight, silky and has a very close scent to the Noir Pour Femme  EDP.

By night time, this smells best when it's by someone very close to your skin! :) - RLB

Purchase Here: TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme Gift Set

*Sillage - The scent trail, How long the scent is smelled after a person leaves or comes into a space.

*Projection - The distance at which a fragrance can be detected coming off the skin.

Fragrance Notes:

Mandarin Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Ginger Extract, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Accord, Orange Flower, Indian Kulfi Accord, Vanilla Madagascar, Amber, Australian Sandal Wood, Lentisque Resinoid. 

This set contains: 
- 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum 
- 2.5 oz Hydrating Emulsion 

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