Beauty Find - Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser

A few weeks ago I shared one of my favorite new masks for 2016, the Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask

There's another product from the line that I'm equally impressed with.  The Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser is just what dry, parched skin needs.  It's a very creamy, thick, texture that absorbed into my skin within seconds, and left a nice layer of moisture and sheen on my skin.

It also has that great fresh "kale/green/cucumber" scent that the Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask features.

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I love that once on the skin, the Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser has a bit of a gel feel that makes my skin lock in the moisture.  For just a few seconds there's a bit of a sticky feeling while it's drying, but it was very quick.  After that I had a nice layer of moisture, with a beautiful glowy finish on my dry areas like my cheeks.

After the moisturizer was fully absorbed my skin was so soft and supple.  I loved using it first thing in the morning on very cold dry days, and I also started using it as a night hand cream before bed I loved it so much.

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There's no SPF in this version, but if you need a multi-purpose moisturizer (yes it's also great for the body) for dry or very dry skin made with natural ingredients, Nip + Fab Kale Fix is one of the best new lines. - RLB

Purchase Here: Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser  Also available at CVS stores nationwide.

*This product was provided courtesy of CVS Beauty Club PR for reviewing purposes.

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