Drugstore Buy of the Week - CoverGirl truNaked Eyeshadow, Roses

You've have seen multiple eye shadow palettes from multiple brands featuring different takes on Nude/Neutral shades over the last year or so.

But perhaps you weren't ready to shell out lots of money for one.

If that was you, CoverGirl truNaked Eyeshadow, is the answer.

I'm reviewing the Roses (with pink gold and pink brown shades) pallete here, but if that's close to what you have, or not your thing, there are still two other palettes to consider: Nudes and Goldens (all shown, above).

Personally, it;s the Roses palette that had me most excited, since I really don't have many of these shades in my other "nude"/neutral eye shadow collection.

The first thing that impressed me was the soft, creamy texture. As a matter of fact, the texture has a feel that really does seem like there's a small amount of cream in the powder.

The shades applied beautifully on my lids. The color was silky and even, with no flaking, fall out or skipping.

The shades all worked well alone, or combined with others.  There are also a few shimmers finishes among the mattes, which I also love, to mix up my look from day to night or for special occasions.  The colors were rich and warm, and the rose pigment in each was really flattering.  Covergirl Truenaked Eyeshadow, Roses in particular will be perfect for new spring looks.

As far as tools, the included sponge applicator allowed me to apply the color on much more densely with very little work, and I also got good application from my eye shadow brush, although I had to apply it a little heavier to get the same amount of color on my lids.

CoverGirl truNaked Eyeshadow is a great way to experience the "nude" eye shadow trend - without breaking the bank, for sure! - RLB

Covergirl Truenaked Eyeshadow, Roses  shades below. *They are also listed on the back of the compact:
  • Almond
  • Champagne
  • Baby
  • Rose Gold
  • Copper Rose
  • Dusk
  • Mauvegine
  • Mousse

Purchase Here: Covergirl Truenaked Eyeshadow, Roses Approx. $11 Also available at most drugstores and mass merchants nationwide.

*This product was provided courtesy of CoverGirl PR for reviewing purposes.

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