Beauty Find - beauty.blusher by beautyblender

beauty blender just doesn't stop with their innovations.

And you'll love this one.

beauty blusher by beautyblender is a slightly smaller version of their original beautyblender sponge, made just for applying blush products.

If you've been a fan of their original beautyblender, you might have found it a bit too large to blend blush and contour products on cheeks.  Now with this new size, and light grey color (which allows you to see how much blush product you are using), you've got the best of both worlds.

The texture/material of the beauty blusher by beautyblender is the same as the original beauty blender, and I found it also soft and bouncy when I dampened it before applying either cream, liquid or gel cheek color, using the bottom, "fat", end of the sponge.  It is the perfect size for blending color on the cheeks quickly and easily.

Some other benefits to this new smaller size are I also found it also worked better for adding concealer and highlighter.

Start adding to your beauty blender collection today by getting the beauty blusher by beautyblender  (Note: You might toss your blush brushes you fall in love with these so much!) - RLB

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