Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dove Dry Oil Bodywash

I love Argan oil and it's skin softening and hydrating benefits.  I've featured several products on the blog with it, and now I can add Dove Dry Oil Bodywash to my list of Argan Oil product favorites.

Dove Dry Oil Bodywash is perfect for those of you with dry and/or flaky skin.  The texture is very thick and creamy, and didn't feel oily at all.  Once my skin was wet in the shower however, the cream turned into a very fine oil/lotion texture and the beautiful, slightly spicy/sweet scent was released. Note: Dove Dry Oil Bodywash has a very prominent scent - not overbearing, but if you're very sensitive to smell, this may be too strong for you.

Given the texture of the body wash in the shower, it's a low suds formula, which some of you may not be used to, but I loved how soft and fresh it made my skin feel while I was still cleansing in the shower.  Once I dried off, I could really see/feel the difference in my skin, especially in areas like my lower legs, which are naturally dry. 

My skin was smooth and had a touch of sheen, but didn't feel or look overly greasy/oily and there was no residue left on my skin.  On most days, I didn't even need to follow up with additional lotion (although of very dry/cold days I did add a bit of this before toweling off for extra moisture).

The scent is also a highlight of Dove Dry Oil Bodywash.  It gently lingered in the bathroom and on my body for a few minutes, but didn't interfere with any other scents I added later in the day.

The great thing about Dove Dry Oil Bodywash is that it will work for both men and women due to the scent, so if you're a man or you have a man in your life who also battles dry/flaky skin, he needs this in his life as well.

Stock up on this one! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Dove PR fo reviewing purposes.

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