Drugstore Buy of the Week - NYX Be Gone Lip Color Remover

When you've found a great long wearing lip color you don't have to worry about it coming off.  But what about at the end of the day when you really WANT it off?

Sometimes that can be a struggle.  Lots of scrubbing, buffing and multiple removers can be needed to completely remove some lip products.

I've discovered NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover will remove even the toughest long wear and stain lip colors quickly, with no struggle. 

I used this with all types of long wearing, waterproof and lip stain products (even bright red!). It was very easy to use.  I applied the dense gel like a lip gloss in an even layer, and then used a tissue to wipe off.  It also worked equally well with just placing a small dab on my finger and then applying directly to my lips.  I left it on about 1 minute and that was all it took to completely dissolve my lip products.

Tip: For Dark Purple/Black or Bright Pink and Red shades I recommend applied a thicker layer and leave on about a minute longer for it to completely remove.

I love how quickly and thoroughly NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover worked, and after removing, my lips were soft and smooth!

Get a few of these! - RLB

Purchase Here: NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover Also available at most drugstores and Target, nationwide.

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