Fragrance Find - WEN Cucumber Basil Tea Eau de Parfum

When it become sweltering hot, the only fragrances I can stand to wear are light and FRESH.

I've found the perfect combination of both of these in  WEN Cucumber Basil Tea Eau de Parfum, from Chaz Dean's WEN line.  It's at first light, green and tea-based, but develops into an even more complex fresh scent. (It's also unisex).

WEN Cucumber Basil Tea Eau de Parfum is made from all natural ingredients and the opening notes reveal crisp cool cucumber, green earthy basil and tea.  This scent had me from the first spritz.  There was a big burst of crisp, slightly sharp green notes in the first minute or so.  But what impressed me was how much more rounded and developed the scent became on me as the day went on.  As the notes warmed up, I detected a lovely fresh melon scent - but it never became sweet.   

The dry down was also truly surprising.  It remained fresh, but became warmer and slightly spicy.  This was also the point later in the day where I got more of the "Tea" notes (black tea) and neroli.  

The staying power  (also known as an "evaporation arc") on me was very long (9+ hours) and the sillage* was above average.  I loved that it enveloped me with a subtle cloud of fragrance.  I would often take a moment to smell my wrists during the day.  

Tip: This also makes a great linen/sheet spray for the bedroom

All the notes in WEN Cucumber Basil Tea Eau de Parfum develop nicely from the initial application to hours later at the end of the day.  None of the notes became too strong or competed with the rest.  It's crisp and fresh and will smell divine on both men and women, so it's perfect to pick up and let your partner use it too on those hot summer days - and nights! - RLB.

Now I'm hoping for a travel sized version/shower gel Chaz! :) - RLB

Purchase Here: WEN Cucumber Basil Tea Eau de Parfum  Also available on

Fragrance Notes: Aloe, cucumber and basil extracts, with fragrance notes of bergamot, black tea and neroli is a completely unisex fragrance.

*Fragrance terms to know:

Longevity/Evaporation Arc = how long a scent lasts before fading from the skin.

Projectiondistance the fragrance travels from a stationary location/the body.

Sillagedistance and strength scent trail can be smelled during movement.

*This product was provided courtesy of WEN PR for reviewing purposes.

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