Nail Care Find - Formula X DRY Nail Drying Spray

If you do at home manicures, you're more than likely using faster drying, nail polish formulas.  

But sometimes they're not quite fast enough, are they?

That's when you need Formula X DRY Nail Drying Spray. This spray dries nails FAST. I sprayed a pump on each nail and my nails were completely dry within a few minutes. I loved using it not only after a full manicure, but also after nail touch ups if I had small chips or repairs.  

Even more impressive is that after drying, my nails were completely sealed so there were no smears or dents in my polish.  It also didn't dull the shine of my nail polish or alter the finish.

If you've tried other drops, sprays or even quick dry polishes and still haven't gotten the results you wanted, Formula X DRY Nail Drying Spray needs to be in your beauty stash - permanently. - RLB

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