Beauty Find - Lancome Energie de Vie Daily Aqua-Gel

Summer moisturization is sometimes a struggle, isn't it?

If you have skin that's more on the oily or combination side, you still need hydration, but don't need anything that's heavy, oily, greasy or contributes to breakouts, which are increased by perspiration from hot/humid weather.

But when I stumbled up upon Lancome Energie de Vie Daily Aqua-Gel I was thrilled.  This is a watery-gel when you dispense it from the pump, but when I applied it to my skin, it felt almost like water it was so lightweight.  It absorbed immediately but gave my skin such a non-sticky, but dewy fresh finish.  For those of you who are familiar with a lot of Korean skincare or Japanese skincare, this will be most similar to an Essence for you.  I would apply a layer of my SKI first after washing, and then Lancome Energie de Vie Daily Aqua-Gel and continue with my makeup routine.

I came to really look forward to applying each day, especially on really hot days when I still wanted some moisture on my drier areas like my cheeks.  After using for a few weeks I loved how it also improved the overall brightness and tone of my skin.  

The scent is incredible too!  It's fresh and green, but not overwhelming.  If you want to your skin to feel plump, smooth with no heavy feel for summer (or anytime!) Lancome Energie de Vie Daily Aqua-Gel should be your go to product.It's a game changer! - RLB

Purchase Here: Lancome Energie de Vie Daily Aqua-Gel 6.7 oz

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