Beauty Find - Molton Brown Oudh Accord + Gold Body Wash

This summer I've been stealing something from "the boys".

Molton Brown Oudh Accord + Gold Body Wash For Men .  This is perfect for both men and women who really love very woody, spicy scents (like Molton Brown Body Wash, Black Peppercorn). The Oudh Accord + Gold Body Wash notes remind me of a lush green forest and rich spices.  I happen to like spicy scents even in the summer as long as they're dry like this one, but some will prefer Molton Brown Oudh Accord + Gold Body Wash For Men in the Fall/colder months.

The texture of the body wash is quite different.  It's extremely thick, but I loved the weight and silkiness of it as I mixed it with water (especially with my favorite Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel , which makes enormous amounts of lather).  Molton Brown Oudh Accord + Gold Body Wash is also very concentrated, so no more than a dollar sized amount is needed to cleanse the entire body.  When I rinsed, my skin felt smooth and refreshed with no residue, and the lovely scent lingered lightly on my skin for several hours afterwards

Of course the other nice perk is the authentic gold leaf extract contained in the gel. It doesn't stick to or come off on the skin, or leave a shimmer, but it's a nice touch visually in the packaging.  Molton Brown Oudh Accord + Gold Body Wash For Men is one of my favorite Molton Brown scents - it so excotic, sensual and memorable.  Grab one for the man in your life and do a little "borrowing" too! - RLB

Purchase Here: Molton Brown Oudh Accord +Gold Body Wash For Men 300ml/10oz

Fragrance Notes:
Top note: spicy nutmeg oil.
Heart note: elemi oil.
Base note: rich oudh accord.

*This product was provided courtesy of Molton Brown PR for reviewing purposes.

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