Drugstore Buy of the Week - Sally Hansen Big Nail Cuticle Oil

Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil
With Fall here and colder weather approaching, for me, the first sign of the season always result in dry nails/cuticles.

I'm so glad I've discovered Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil. This formula is smooth, lightweight, non-greasy, and yet it penetrates better than many other products I've tried over the years.

Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil is formulated with a bled of Coconut, Apricot oil and Vitamin E.  The scent is a very light, pleasant coconut which disappears quickly.  

I used this every single night before bed, and sometimes twice a day on very dry /cold air days, or during a long flight.  I applied it with the brush applicator, on my cuticles and then massaged with my fingers up to the nail/nail bed.  

Since using Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil my nails don't break/chip as much as they usually do this time of year, and my cuticles are soft and smooth and hydrated every morning.

I never want to be without Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil - and you won't either once you try it. - RLB

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Purchase Here: Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil  Also available at most drugstores nationwide. 

This product was provided courtesy of Sally Hansen PR for reviewing purposes.

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