Hair Care Find - All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa Hair Cap

All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa Hair Cap

You've just gotten a beautiful blow out (or blown out your hair at home) and it's smooth, silky and bouncy.

You want to keep it that way the next day don't you?

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All Caps cap when open
All Caps hair cap is the answer for this (and for a few other beauty-related activities as you'll see in a moment).

All Caps is a hair cap that is reversible, washable and adjustable.  It's designed to maximize your blow out, protect your hair while sleeping or from water and moisture - and can be used on any length or hair texture.

The lightweight and packable cap fits any head size and easily covers your hair, no matter how long on thick it may be.  And it manages to do this all while keeping hair smooth and soft, even though the night, getting dressed, as well as during a beauty treatment, spa service, spray tan or massage.

Purchase Here: All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa Hair Cap
All Caps cap when worn

The All Caps works 2 ways.  When I was sleeping or using it as a shower cap I placed the cap with the microfiber terry band and buttons (shown, left) centered on my forehead.  Then I pulled the back of the cap down toward my neck.  I tucked my hair into the cap and adjusted the sides with the elastic cords which gave me a perfect fit and allowed a firm, comfortable seal around my hairline from the streaming water and steam that cause frizz, etc.

When I wanted to use it with a deep conditioner, I turned it inside out so that the black material is on the outside and the waterproof dark silver material in on the inside. Then I put the cap on and adjusted the same way.  Once I was done with the treatment, I could wipe the inside of the cap  and rinse it clean. and wipe it dry.  Note: All Caps can also be washed by turning it inside out with the buttons on the inside and then put in the washing machine on a delicate cycle

If you have curly or relaxed hair that is dry and prone to breakage, All Caps is also an ideal sleeping cap, because of the silky interior to protect hair and the design that prevents it from falling on during the night

All Caps is a life changer that you won't want to be without after using it. - RLB

Purchase Here:  All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa

This product was provided courtesy of All Caps PR for reviewing purposes.

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