2016 Holiday Gift Pick - Sonia Kashuk Air-Brushed Skin 5-piece Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk can always be counted on for budget-friendly makeup bags, tools and brush sets at Target.  This holiday season she's created one with a twist many of you will love.

Sonia Kashuk Air-Brushed Skin 5-piece Brush Set features 5 brushes completed dedicated to creating a flawless complexion.  The brushes are specially make and shaped for foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer/contouring and powder products.

The modern and bold floral pattern of the Sonia Kashuk Air-Brushed Skin 5-piece Brush Set is unique and these will stand out on any vanity.  The brushes are soft, yet very flexible, with no shedding.  I loved the concealer and powder brush in particular, which are able to pick up enough product but then dispense it evenly and smoothly on my skin.  

The Smudge brush is also quite unique and perfect for blending in contouring/highlighting products tso that they meld right into my skin for a natural look.

The concealer brush is also cut on an curved angle, so it was easy to get into both the inner and outer corners of my eyes, as well as other areas like around my nose. 

The brushes are easy to clean and are labeled for their use.  At this price you may also want to order another for yourself! - RLB

Number of Pieces: 5

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