Budget Beauty Find - e.l.f. Facial Massager

No this is not a little torture device (wink) it's the e.l.f. Facial Massager.

It's a skincare tool which allows you to easily massage your skin for relaxation, and to apply moisturizer and other skincare products.

I loved using the e.l.f. Facial Massager in the evening after washing my face.  I would apply serum, then roll the massager around my face, and then follow up with my night cream or skin oil.  I really came to love using the massager to allow the product to penetrate my skin without using my fingers.  My skin felt energized and more "alive" after using it.  I followed the directions to use it properly, which is to move the roller up and outwards towards the edges of the face.  For the forehead, I moved it side to side and also around my nose.

The e.l.f. Facial Massager massager points on the white roller head are the perfect shape to provide a massage and do feel slightly "prickly".  But they're not so sharp that they hurt or irritated my skin.  The roller was easy to clean and it's the perfect price. 

e.l.f. Facial Massager is small, lightweight and easy to travel with, so it's a nice little product to have to make me feel relaxed with a familiar skin care regime, no matter where in the am.  - RLB

Purchase Here:  e.l.f. Facial Massager  $4.00


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