Drugstore Buy of the Week - Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

Sally Hansen has found a way to fuse enriching, moisturizing Argan oil into nail polish.  So now your nail polish can actually nourish your nails.  The Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish line also includes natural acai, and evening primrose oils. 

Sally Hansen's new technology encapsulates the oil into tiny tubes that are suspended within the nail polish.  During the day,  as your nails flex along with your fingers, the tiny tubes break and release the oils on to the nail plate, which is absorbed through the sealed layer of nail polish.  The oils continue to condition your nails until you remove it.  Awesome!

The 29 colors in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy line are very pretty and wearable for any occasion.  Two of my favorites are the unique, dark and chic Good as Blue (shown, above) which is a dark navy with just a touch of purple.  The other is a pretty neutral shade, Steely Serene (shown, below) which is a taupe with a touch of pink.  

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish Steely Serene 

One of the best features of the line is that a base coat was not needed.  I used several of the shades right on bare nails with very good results and smooth, shiny application. 

The brush is the same one featured in their Complete Manicure line, which is a fat, short, wide one, which easily applies the polish on to the nail beds.

The polish doesn't smell like oil, but it does have a bit of a fruity scent for just a few seconds when applying it.  Once it was dry I did not detect any scent.  The Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish Nail + Cuticle Oil  has a light, vanilla scent.  All the colors remove easily with any nail polish remover.

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish Nail + Cuticle Oil  and Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish Top Coat are also very good. Using all the products together for a few weeks, I have to say my nails do feel soft and conditioned, and the wear on the polish itself was very good.  I only got minor chipping after about 5 days.

I love this new system and the prices are fantastic for the quality of these products. Pick some Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish up and you'll be hooked - RLB

*These products were provided courtesy of Sally Hansen PR for reviewing purposes.

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