Beuaty Find - BECCA First Light Priming Filter

BECCA First Light Priming Filter

BECCA is upping it's already great "glow makeup" game with their new BECCA First Light Priming Filter.

This is a primer/skincare hybrid that brightens skin and instantly makes skin look alive, awake and glowing.  It's a lightweight, hydrating canvas for all-day makeup that contains their Cool Light technology which uses translucent, cool violet light to even out all complexions.  BECCA First Light Priming Filter also contains Mineral-rich spring water, prickly pear flower, Ginger and sodium hyaluronate capture moisture, hydrate and revive skin, and energize the complexion. 

BECCA First Light Priming Filter looks violet in the bottle, but goes on sheer and clear.  I loved how silky and lightweight it felt on my skin, and the fresh, light citrus scent is lovely and disappears quickly.

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I also love their BECCA Backlight Priming Filter, (which is slightly thicker and creamier in consistency and illuminates the skin with very fine micro glitter), but the BECCA First Light Priming Filter is for when you want to smooth out skin with an illuminating glow.

BECCA First Light Priming Filter blended seamlessly and transparently on my skin.  I loved how healthy and fresh my skin looked when I wore it either on it's own with just some concealer, or under foundation/BB Cream.  I also like using the BECCA First Light Priming Filter as a base layer and then applying a layer of the Backlight Priming Filter, or just spot applying Backlight Priming Filter on my cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, etc. for a highlighting effect.

BECCA First Light Priming Filter is another keeper for the makeup kit! - RLB

Purchase Here: BECCA First Light Priming Filter™ 1 oz/ 30 mL

*This product was provided courtesy of BECCA PR for reviewing purposes.

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