Budget Beauty Find - Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime

Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime

Pixi has a great lip palette that's a new collaboration with beauty blogger ItsJudyTime.

I was instantly drawn to Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime with it's easy-to-wear, warm shades that are perfect for everyday looks.

The 12 lip shades included in the Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime palette were created to be applied with your fingers.  I first swirled my finger in the pan to pick up the color before applying, (as stated in the directions).  The colors are pigmented, without being heavy or too bold.  If you prefer an easy, natural lip look, this palette is perfect for you.

All the Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime colors on my lips were very similar to what is shown in the pan, and I loved how easy it was to mix them to create new colors as well.  The formula is light and moisturizing, and the finish is a soft, natural matte, which I love for daytime.  The berry and brown shades in particular were my favorites, and went with any and every beauty look I created.  The neutral pink and brown shades can also be used as a base for a more dramatic look with layering.

If you feel like branching out to lip colors you don't often wear, this Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime palette is the perfect way to do it. The single red shade is very flattering, with a touch of warm pink, and the wine shade is great for a darker lip for a change.

The Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime formula is fairly long lasting, but they aren't stains, so the small and thin design of this palette is perfect if you like to touch up during the day.  It can fit in to any bag/purse.  

You'll find yourself reaching for this palette every day for your nude looks - and your red and berry lips for special occasions.  Pick the Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime collab up while it lasts! - RLB

Purchase Here: Pixi Get The Look - ItsLipTime

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