Budget Beauty Find - SEPHORA Foot Mask


Whether your feet are in need of a complete overall or you just need some weekend pampering, SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask is perfect for you The disposable SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask hydrates and nourishes dry feet and softens rough areas with almond extract.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask are double layer socks filled with a hydrating cream formula. The socks are designed to comfortable fit a women's foot up to about a 10 (they will work with size 11, but not quite as comfortable), and are thick enough that none of the product spilled out on to the floor/my furniture.

I pulled my socks on one Sunday for about 45 minutes and loved how pampering and comfortable they felt. After removing them, I massaged some of the excess product into my feet, nail beds/cuticles and heels. After using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask, my feet felt as soft and smooth as a baby. The mask was easy to pull on and then remove and toss. This makes SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask another must have product to have in your travel beauty kit as well.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask is the perfect treat you to let you feel like you've had a mini-spa day - and for only $5! Simply lounging on the couch or taking a nap and in under an hour having smoother, softer more beautiful feel is my idea of a perfect foot treatment  I plan on having a few SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask packets on hand at all times, and they're a must have to keep feet looking great during cold, dry, harsh winters! - RLB.

Purchase Here: SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask Almond 1 pair

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