Travel Beauty Find - CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups

Cleansing and feeling fresh while traveling can often be a trade off. Products can be too wet, leave a sticky film or feel drying, but you use them anyway because they're in small, convenient packaging.

CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups are the new way to cleanse and refresh without making any sacrifices.  

CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes
 Pop-Ups 9 pods

CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups  are perfect to throw in your carry on bag or purse for a quick cleanse or refresh. 

To release the wipe, you place a pod (shown, left) on a hard flat surface, press the center and release.  Then you wait a few seconds for the wipe to saturate and pull out the wipe, and then unfold to use.

These wipes are gentle and can be used on all skin types.  CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups can also be used on face, upper arms, neck chest and back.  They are almost as big as a paper towel when unfolded, so you can easily use them for multiple areas. They have a unique, slightly citrus scent which evaporates quickly.

Note: While CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups can remove makeup, they are not makeup removing wipes.  You will get best results if you have bare skin than needs general cleansing, or want to remove regular wear makeup (not waterproof or longwear).

After using CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups 9 pods, my skin felt fresh, soft and hydrated, with no film or sticky residue. They also have a exfoliating effect, so they left my skin smooth and with a nice glow.  I love that they have just the right amount of liquid, but are not so overly saturated I felt like I needed to dry my face after using them. CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups 9 pods also prepped my skin nicely for makeup, so these are also great if you're using then on a flight before adding some makeup before landing.

If you travel a lot, or just have a few trips planned this year, stock up on a few of CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups 9 pods and your skin will thank you for it! - RLB

Purchase Here: CLINIQUE Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups 9 pods


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