Beauty Find - GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray

It's been a while since I've tested a new makeup setting spray, and GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray is a new obsession.

This spray is heavy duty - meaning it keeps makeup ON, but it's also a fine mist, and a gentle refreshing formula that felt great on my skin.  GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray is made with a tea complex which includes green, white and red tea, caffeine and charged waters to hydrate and energize the skin.

One of the biggest surprises was just how fresh and clean GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray smelled.  I loved having the scent surround my face when I misted. The mist is one of the finest and lightest I've ever experienced from a spray bottle.  It felt almost like nothing on my skin.

The GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray dried down to a glowing finish almost immediately.  It made my drier areas hydrated but didn't make my t-zone look oily or shiny.

GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray can also be used to refresh skin or makeup during the day, but I found that with a mist in the morning my makeup was locked in for well over 10+ hours and looked fresh.  GLAMGLOW GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray  should be in every makeup lover and makeup artist's kit. - RLB

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