Drugstore Buy of the Week - Method Limited Edition Hand Soaps

Method Limited Edition Gel Hand Soap Ginger Tea 
I've been a big fan of Method products for years, and I'm always amazed by the fragrance combinations they create to make home a lovely, clean smelling environment.

This spring they've launched a limited edition hand soap line inspired by wellness drinks, tea culture and minimalist decor.  The scents are all calming to provide a few minutes of serenity each and every time you wash your hands.

The line includes soaps featuring ocean waves, white rose, chamomile lavender and Ginger Tea (my personal favorite).  All the Method soaps feature aloe and vitamin E, and are ethyl alcohol-free, DMDM Hydantoin-free, Petroleum-free, aluminum chlorohydrate-free, formaldehyde donor-free, nut oil and extract-free

Method Limited Edition Gel Hand Soap Ginger Tea (which also comes in a foam version), is based on the feeling you get when you have a warm cup of ginger lemon tea. The fragrance is spot on with equal does of both ginger and lemon, and the gel is concentrated and silky.

I love that when I used Method Limited Edition Gel Hand Soap Ginger Tea my hands were completely clean, but not tight or dry when I dried them off.  The scent lingered nicely throughout the day, but never became overwhelming.  

 Method Limited Edition Gel Hand Soap Chamomile Lavender 

*These products were provided courtesy of method PR for reviewing purposes.

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