Fragrance Find - Cartier Baiser Fou

A few years ago I featured on this blog what would become one of my go-to spring scents, Cartier Baiser Vole (Stolen Kiss).

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Cartier has recently launched a new flanker, Baiser Fou (Crazy Kiss).  This scent was inspired by lipstick kisses (how sweet!) and was also created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent.

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Cartier Baiser Fou is an ode to the orchid flower, along with the elusive smell of lipstick, created with white chocolate notes.  This Baiser is a sweet, gourmand version. The Cartier Baiser Fou opening gave me lots of sugary berry notes and then summer fruit, like watermelon. The fruitness leveled off after a few minutes and then a nice tarte/freshness came in, which kept it from being overly sweet and cloying.  After an hour, I began to pick up the heart of the scent, which was a blended floral/rose and a creamy, vanilla feel under that.  
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The powdery notes were very subtle and modern (so I didn't have that "old-fashioned" feel), and I liked the dry down, which enhanced the green, fresh notes and a creamy, warm woody finish.

As with the Cartier Baiser Vole, the bottle has a similar heavy oval glass shape - but it's own glamorous  jewel-inspired details, (this is from famed jeweler Cartier after all!), and a light yellow color. Cartier Baiser Fou  is worthy of a prominent space on your vanity or fragrance table. 

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Cartier Baiser Fou had above average wear (8+ hours) and average sillage* on my skin.

Cartier Baiser Fou is for the woman who likes a sophisticated sweet, fruity fragrance for warmer weather - and for those who fell in love with the original Cartier Baiser Vole  - RLB

Purchase Here: Cartier Baiser Fou

Fragrance Notes:

Purple Orchid, White Chocolate, Balmy Facets
*(from French) in perfumery - a veil of scent that a person leaves behind when walking or when you enter a room and smell that someone has been there before you.

*This product was provided courtesy of Cartier PR for reviewing purposes.

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