Budget Beauty Buy - Pixi By Petra Sun Mist

Pixi By Petra Sun Mist
Sunscreen is a must-use product, especially as warmer weather approaches, but with all the choices on the market, it's often hard to find one that's easy and convenient with your average daily schedule.

Purchase Here: Pixi By Petra Sun Mist

Being a big Pixi By Petra fan for years now, I was very happy to see the new Pixi By Petra Sun Mist. Pixi By Petra Sun Mist  allows you to apply a sheer, lightweight sunscreen to the face without disturbing makeup, or making skin white, chalky  - or overly shiny.

In the mornings after cleansing, I applied about 3 pumps of the Pixi By Petra Sun Mist.  It absorbed and dried in seconds leaving no trace of product.  There's a very light, pleasant (non-sunscreen heavy) scent which was pleasant and went away quickly. Tip: I found it easier to get an even mist by holding the Sun Mist bottle about arms length from my face (not too close up!).

Pixi By Petra Sun Mist is perfect for all skin types, especially combination, and the finish once dry is semi-matte.  I got good results using primer/makeup over it, as well as using it over a serum or after one of the other Pixi mists I like, such as the Pixi By Petra Hydrating Milky Mist.

Using the Pixi By Petra Sun Mist on a regular basis, it didn't irritate my skin, and provided a nice layer of moisture to my drier areas  The size of the bottle and easy mist spray made this a no-brainer for daily use, packing for trips and to toss in a bag when I'm spending the day outside in the sun for quick touch ups.  Pixi By Petra Sun Mist also has cute packaging - as Pixi always does, too! Make SURE to stock up on Pixi By Petra Sun Mist for the summer.- RLB

Purchase Here: Pixi By Petra Sun Mist

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